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Real Estate Broker Gabriel Misters (Interview)

Real Estate Broker Gabriel Misters (Interview) Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor When it comes to purchasing or selling a home, home buyers and sellers can definitely count on Gabriel Misters, an expert real estate agent who takes pride in his work; moreover, one’s who committed to helping clients buy or sell their home every step of the way. Over the last 13 years, Misters has been successful at operating his commercial landscape company Gabes Peculiar Cut (GPC) providing quality and astronomical services in the Chicagoland area. Recently, Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to speak with the ‘half man/half amazing’ real estate broker, Gabriel Misters, who is a man of integrity and also a wonderful individual who uphold the qualities of being honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable when it comes to the real estate market. He has been enthused about his thriving realtor company Realtor4show that recently partnered with Keller Williams Preferred Re

Cole Skincare for Men Review

Cole Skincare for Men Review By Darnell Jordan Skincare has always been important to me. I feel that it’s essential to lead each day with a clean, clear, and inviting face. That can only be done with an effective skincare regimen. The vast amount of products on the market can make it overwhelming when choosing the right one for your individual needs. This makes my most recent find even more exciting. I recently had the pleasure of trying Cole Skincare for Men. The line was created by Cole Patterson, a highly-acclaimed esthetician and celebrity makeup artist/groomer. She envisioned this line raising awareness for men’s skincare, and enhancing the overall male grooming experience. “My goal is to make sure men see a difference and know that the product is available to improve their skin,” says Cole. The products’ ingredients are formulated with fruit acids, enzymes, plant extracts, botanicals and serums which all help to serve the thicker texture and surface of men’s skin. Cole S

Digital Artist and Fashion Designer Edo

Edo: Digital Artist and Fashion Designer Interviewed and written by Darnell Jordan Webster’s Dictionary defines art as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” To groundbreaking digital artist and fashion designer Edo, “everything is art.” I initially met Edo at an art show in February of this year. I instantly observed the passion that he had for his craft while he presented his pieces. After getting to know him better, I found myself further impressed with the amount of focus that he has. He possesses a confidence and polish that most don’t acquire until the age of 30 or older. In a short amount of time, Edo has managed to create a unique brand that boldly represents a radical perception of the world we live in. Born and raised in Chicago IL, he started as a pre-teen with a love of building and doodling. “I would always build go-carts, play submarines, and all these different things, but I

Jocko Sims returns in 3rd season of The Last Ship

Jocko Sims returns in 3 rd season of The Last Ship Written and interviewed by Tocarra Eldridge Photo Credit: Photographer Diana Ragland Recently, TNT announced the season 3 premiere for “The Last Ship” having a two-hour episode on Sunday, June 12 th .  Jocko Sims, known for TV series and films such as “Crash,” “Masters of Sex”, and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” just to name several, will return on the hit series with his amazing character that we know as Lt. Carlton Burk. Outside of acting, Jocko hosts Apollo Night LA radio show with his mother Karen Sims, a.k.a. Cinnamon where he showcases all genres of unsigned/indie music artists. Some of the show’s past guest include Faith Evans, Ja Rule, Jamie Foxx and Kim Whitley. Also, he is a part of numerous community initiatives where he speaks on panels and makes countless appearances. I had the opportunity to speak to Jocko Sims about his career and initiatives. Here is what the amazing actor has to share. Tocarra Eldridg

Gary Hines music director of Sound of Blackness Remembers Prince

Gary Hines, music director of Sound of Blackness Remembers Prince Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor Last fall, 3-time Grammy Award-winning vocal/instrumental ensemble Sounds of Blackness released the song “Black Lives Matter” along with the video that has been receiving much praise on YouTube. About a month ago, the inspirational famed group also released “Royalty,” a song dedicated to the astounding musician Prince with a special collaboration with students from HSRA (High School for Recording Arts). The video can be viewed online at . In the future, the group is looking to release their first live CD featuring ACWC (A Cappella Choir of Wiley College) along with many other projects having many talents and collaborations. Gary Hines, music director of Sounds of Blackness, a man filled with integrity and who has a great heart and soul, remembers a friend and brother in spirit, the late international mega star Prince. He speaks of how su