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B Howard DSYLM single and video review

B Howard - “Don’t Say You Love Me” Written by Aaron Robinson – Editor Connecting with his fans around the globe, multi-platinum producer B Howard continues to showcase his incredible singing, songwriting, and produc ing ability in his recent debut single “Don’t Say You Love Me (DSYLM).” The electrifying dance track is extremely live and immensely energetic. The music prodigy demonstrates this in his singing and production, and most certainly his breathtaking performance in the “Don’t Say You Love Me” video. Both, the radio single and video features Brooklyn rapper BK Brasco. Also in the video appears Adeline Mocke, a South African model who turned into a singer. B Howard seduces her as his dream woman in the video. In the clip, its gets steamy as his love interest turns up the heat; later the storyline has an interesting twist and plot.    B Howard, the mastermind behind many award winning songs has worked with artist such as Akon, Teddy Riley, Ciara, Jason Derulo and Migue

DaMasta - The One: Album Review

DaMasta - The One: Album Review Written by Consciousness Magazine   Releasing several solo albums over the course of his career, such as  The Curse of the 7,   NDA Darkness and HATRED: Lyrical Therapy, DaMasta is back with his fourth solo album The One . The lyrical genius is known for his high energy deliverance spitting dope lyrics keeping his fans and listeners entertained. “ The One is more uplifting, a lot of the subject matter that I was on at the time was trying to help people get through some things. I write a lot out of emotions sometimes, so I picked things here and there that might have been going on at the time and things that were going on in the past.” DaMasta illustrates this extremely well in “Harbor Street Blues”, where he reminisces about his childhood neighborhood hip hop era where he got his start as an emcee. His lyrics expresses that real hip hop nowadays has been lost. He cites : It’s been a long time/since the people has heard a strong rhyme/ since

Allowing Love to Transform and Detoxify your Soul

  Holding in anger or any negative emotion can allow toxins to enter at the very level of your soul changing your energy patterns and throwing you into disharmony.   First you must look at how you allow these toxins to become part of your existence. Do you hold onto past hurts? Are you unforgiving of yourself and/or others? Do you have judgments about yourself, others or our society as a whole? Do you let go and allow the Universe – your world to flow freely? Do you take care physically and mentally of this temple for your Holy Spirit or do you feed it with junk food and fill your mind with the “negative” news talk?   Spiritual teachers have always pointed to the soul/ heart as the seat of consciousness. Anyone who has taken the time to explore the soul and more importantly the connection to the heart knows the connection between these two and a consciousness greater than the ego. Approaching life with an open heart means that you have opened the door to the greater conscio