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D.L. Hughley Shoots Straight on Police, Mark Fuhrman and Racial Profiling

D.L. Hughley Shoots Straight on Police, Mark Fuhrman and Racial Profiling By Allison Kugel   Hailed as one of the most prolific standup comedians of the past three decades, D.L. Hughley has never been afraid to dig into ethnic stereotypes, economic disparity, relationships, politics… nothing’s off limits. His words are explicit and paint an accurate portrait of societal contradictions and pain in fast forward.   From his legendary standup material and his nationally syndicated radio show, The D.L. Hughley Show , to his upcoming Netflix series, The Fix (a hybrid game show/issues-based panel talk show) , D.L.’s platform as an outspoken advocate of civil rights is unconventional and tinged with off-color language. But as he shared with me during our conversation, he believes that to reach people with a heavy message, you’ve got to get them to let their guard down through laughter.   His latest book, How Not To Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People (Out June 26 th )
Actress Aliyah O’Brien Discusses Inner Wellness and Homeopathic Remedies Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge Photo by Shimon Karmel Recently, I had the opportunity to interview artist, adventurer, enthusiast and actress Aliyah O’Brien. This was one of the most inspiring and empowering interviews that I have conducted over my years as a journalist. Her warm and inviting spirit is unforgettable. Nonetheless, Aliyah shares personal insight on life and homeopathic remedies that will enlighten many.  For those who may not know, Aliyah has had starring and recurring roles in NBC’s series  Taken , Audience Network’s  Ice , Freeform sci-fi drama  Beyond,  ABC’s  Rookie Blue  and   A&E  Bates Motel.  She has also played leading roles in movies such as  While You Were Dating , Lifetime’s  Forced Exposure , Hallmark’s  An Ice Sculpture Christmas , and  Engaging Father Christmas,  just to name several.  Here is what the astonishing actress has to share with the readers rega

Lenny Kravitz on Race God & Spreading Love Through Music

Lenny Kravitz on Race, God & Spreading Love Through Music By Allison Kugel Twenty-nine years after releasing his debut album, Lenny Kravitz is still letting love rule, but with an eye towards societal strife that continues to go unchecked. The multi-Grammy award winning musician brings forth a conscious body of work with Raise Vibration , his eleventh studio album, out September 7 th .   The first single off the Raise Vibration album, It’s Enough , is a battle cry against corporate greed, political corruption and racism. Kravitz switches gears with his follow up single, Low , exploring the perils of his near-mythical sensuality with intonations alluding to his past intimate relationships. For Lenny Kravitz, the art of the story is paramount, while pop music trends are immaterial. He tells stories through his writing, vocals, and the multitude of instruments he has mastered over the years.   Musically, Raise Vibration is an eclectic blend of the kind of stylistic rock