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Taylor Dayne 30th Year Anniversary in the Music Business (Interview)

Taylor Dayne 30th Year Anniversary in the Music Business (Interview) Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge Photo credited by Peter Baratti This year marks dance-pop icon Taylor Dayne 30 year anniversary in the music business and she is back with her new electro-pop anthem “Live Without” that is steady climbing on the Billboard charts. Taylor Dayne, is a prolific singer of our time. She is also a successful crossover artist who has accomplished music in the genres of Pop, Dance, R&B, Adult Contemporary, and Rock. She has 17 hit singles, three Grammy Nominations, an American Music Award, and has sold over 75 million albums worldwide. Some of her hit singles includes “Tell It To My Heart,” "Prove Your Love,” “Love Will Lead You Back,” and "I'll Always Love You.” I had the privilege to talk with Taylor Dayne about her new single, her longevity in the music industry and much more. Here is what she had to share with the readers. Tocarra El

Rick Ross on Living the American Dream and Not Fearing Death

Rick Ross on Living the American Dream and Not Fearing Death By Allison Kugel One conversation with rapper Rick Ross will have you questioning the definitions of success, wealth and opportunity; how to identify opportunity, how to achieve success and how to maintain it while keeping your soul and bodily faculties intact. Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, rose to prominence in 2006 with his breakout single, Hustlin' , a word that defines his character and approach towards life. Though Ross doesn't speak like a scholar, his wisdom permeates our conversation. He is an alchemist; aware of his power to transmute base metals to  gold. Rick Ross' fans are believers in his use of language, and his unabashed celebration of riches. He's proud to remind people that he created a palatial oasis out of the urban desert that was his early life. Where many others in the Carol City district of Miami where Ross grew up saw few options, Ross saw the opportunity to tran

Supermodel Beverly Peele Exclusive Interview

Supermodel Beverly Peele [Exclusive Interview] Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge Capturing the world of the fashion industry at a young age, international supermodel and actress Beverly Peele would rise to fame throughout the late 1980’s and 1990’s with her amazing body structure and perfect features. Stunning the world with her beautiful look, she became well-known for her unique talent and incredible work by attracting a global fan base.    Beverly Peele has appeared in numerous music videos from recording artist and music groups such as Heavy D & the Boyz, Jodeci, and George Michael, just to name a few. Having a standout appearance and gaining much popularity as a Hollywood star, Peele has braced the cover of more than 250 magazines, mostly appearing in Mademoiselle. As an actress, her acting career consists of her appearing on shows such as Sister, Sister and Girlfriends, as well as having a role in the film Sweet Friggin’ Daisies. I had the opport

Wolf's Mane Beard Care [Product Review]

Wolf's Mane Beard Care [Product Review] Wolf's Mane Beard Care is an all-natural beard and skin care company that is rapidly growing in a competitive market. Established approximately 3 years ago in the Mid-West (Champaign, IL.), the brand is a must have and consumer choice for bearded customers. What makes WM products unique and incomparable is that they are not only hand crafted but possess a unique blend structure that sets the brand a part from its competition. The benefits of the amazing and successful beard products are numerous, as that it helps keep your skin looking fresh and healthy and your beard strong and protected, moreover, giving you the attractiveness and self-appeal that you deserve. It will unquestionably make a positive difference in your image. “The inspiration behind starting WM was as simple as me working on a construction site summer 2015 and hating the feeling of a sweaty and dusty damaged beard. I began to search for products geared towards

Robin Givens Bares Her Soul and Finds Her Purpose

Robin Givens Bares Her Soul and Finds Her Purpose By Allison Kugel Actress Robin Givens has played many roles in her life; retiring wallflower not being among them. She burst onto the scene as the beautiful and brainy Darlene on Head of the Class , a sitcom that aired on ABC from 1986 to 1991. Those same years brought a media explosion as good girl Givens fell in love with, married and then divorced, boxing's former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. The tumultuous pairing was brief and quickly devolved into a he said/she said of accusations about abuse and domestic violence, allegations which Tyson himself later publicly conceded to. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Robin Givens picked up the pieces with a string of film roles including A Rage in Harlem with the late Gregory Hines, Forest Whitaker and Danny Glover; Boomerang opposite Halle Berry and Givens' former flame turned colleague, Eddie Murphy; Blankman opposite Damon Wayans and Head of State