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HOLY COW!   CUBS WIN!   CUBS WIN! Written by Eric Plaut “Holy Cow!   Cubs win!   Cubs win!” We all remember that battle-cry the late Harry Caray used to shout out after a Chicago Cubs victory. With his thick glasses and his enthusiasm, one would have thought Harry’s beloved Cubs clinched a Game 7 World Series win. While Harry Caray may be gone, his spirit was definitely there during the 2016 World Series. To all those Chicago Cubs fans out there—the miracle of miracles happened on November 2, 2016. The Cubs, after a 108-year absence, are back on top of the baseball world after defeating the Cleveland Indians in seven games! The so-called curse of the Billy Goat has finally ended, even though you can always go to that namesake restaurant in the Windy City for a legendary “cheezbooga”. If the Boston Red Sox can be free of the Curse of the Bambino (Babe Ruth) after an 86-year title drought, then so can the Cubs! A lot has happened in the past 108 years. In 1908, Henry For

As The Community Spins: Interview with DJ Mitchell Ledbetter

The Conscious Column By L. Barker   As The Community Spins: Interview with DJ Mitchell Ledbetter   It’s amazing when you go to an event and the people are smiling, the crowds are moving and the mood is just right for the feeling. You get to release your day with your favorite tunes to lift your spirits and take your mind off of anything that deters you. Who do we have to thank for this? The DJ!! The art of spinning started as an original centerpiece for the world of hip hop and has grown into pushing emcees into the limelight. However, nobody ever forgets the disc jockey that gets the adrenaline pumping with the rhythm of synchronicities. Although it may seem like an easy job, it is no small feat. I got the opportunity to sit down with local DJ Mitchell Ledbetter who is very well-known and respected for his talents he displays within his community.   Grab a tune, listen and enjoy the read.   You just might take up being a DJ after this, the sky is the limit!   Lashana:

Mark Blount scores BIG off the Court

Mark Blount scores BIG off the Court Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson –Editor   Form er NBA player Mark Blount continues to be successful off the court while being a phenomenal small business owner and real estate investor. Having a professional basketball career for 10 years, Mark Blount has played center for the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, just to name a few.   I was granted the opportunity to interview Mark Blount, a successful and brilliant young man who stands strong and tall. His heart of gold pours through many people, as he continues to give back to the community, assisting them in achieving their visions and goals. Here is what the business mogul, Mark Blount, had to share with readers during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine regarding his career, as he shares valuable business tips and strategies.   Aaron Robinson: What inspired you to want to become an entrepreneur? Mark Blount: After retirement, I just wanted to be able get