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Mr. Marcus

Mr. Marcus: The Interview Interviewed by Hector De La Rosa Throughout history, African Americans are stereotyped with penalizing depictions that constructed a framework of mental marginalization: irresponsibility, violent tendencies, and criminals, unintelligent, profane, to sexually promiscuous and oversexed. However, I beg to differ with few celebrity encounters including The Man and famous porn star Mr. Marcus who carries himself as responsible, charismatic, respectful, humble, and an intelligent gentleman. Without condoning Mr. Marcus’ lifestyle or hustle, it is a pleasure of meeting someone who did become a statistic to crime and incarceration but a successful entrepreneur, author, foremost a survivor. This article sheds a distinct light of him that holds substance than a typical Q&A explicit content.   Mr. Marcus On… What peeked his interest in the porn business I always think about women. It is pretty genuine. Stereotypes of porn actors/actresses

Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver: Leading Man of Technology Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge In 1995, Key Point, New York native, Jeff Pulver became interested in internet telephony. Over the years, Mr. Pulver has been credited for founding Spreadsheet Solutions Corp., while working at a Long Island accounting firm. Later, he became responsible for co-founding the voice over internet protocol that we know as Vonage, while an assistant administrator at Cantor Fitzgerald. Pulver is also known for inventing the CellSocket, which is a device that allow users to receive and make cellular voice calls on a standard or home phone.  Today, Pulver is considered as a leading expert in the technology industry as an internet entrepreneur of streaming audio and video technology, while also being active as the chief executive of Recognized as an accomplished writer, Pulver is the chief writer of the Pulver Order, a publication that was adopted by the Federal Communications Com

Donald Lawrence

Donald Lawrence: Musical Genius Changes Lives Through Music (Exclusive) Interviewed and Written by Tocarra Eldridge When mentioning the genre Gospel within a conversation, one cannot discuss music without mentioning Grammy Award-winning producer, composer and recording artist Donald Lawrence. Continuing to follow his God’s given vision, it’s no doubt that surviving in a dominant music business is his passion and foremost calling. As a pioneer, Donald has been a force to be reckoned with, as it shows in his radio smash hits and chart topping compositions and arrangements. Over the last several decades, he has collaborated with music greats such as Ramsey Lewis, Mary J. Blige, and the Clark Sisters, just to name a few. Before he began to top the Billboard charts, he was recruited in his early career as a vocal coach for En Vogue and became the music director for R&B artist Stephanie Mills for his great talent abilities. Over the years, Donald has been successful for she