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Guru/Solar – Gettin' Jazzy

Guru/Solar – Gettin' Jazzy Guru Ultimate and Exclusive Interview By Russell Norman In this current age of Hip Hop, in what some would say is the art forms 30th year in existence; we seem to have come to a crossroad of sorts, a vital point in which the very integrity and soul of the music itself seems to hang in the balance. A little dramatic, well not if you ask the generation affected by this "Epidemic." You would undoubtedly find it hard to miss the growing number of disgruntled purists with lamentations of the deceased genre. In addition, the endless barrage of processed and pre-packaged material of questionable artistic value funneled to the masses through the countless radio stations, music video networks, via the internet, motion pictures, etc. In turn, this tasteless, yet ridiculously lucrative formula provides us with more incessant droning of the industry’s next so-called gangster/thugged out/ pimping rapper façade. Mix this with a simple, catchy, bass h

TAPIA THE DOCUMENTARY- An interview with Lou DiBella

TAPIA THE DOCUMENTARY- An interview with Lou DiBella Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge Riveting, heartfelt and stimulating are just a few of the words that describe one of the most poignant films of the century, TAPIA The Documentary. The rights to this touching story belong to Lou DiBella, sports promoter, tv/film producer, and close friend of Johnny Tapia, as well as entertainment guru Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. TAPIA takes viewers inside the turbulent life and times of the late boxing world champion Johnny Tapia. However, this documentary is far more than a boxing film; it’s a story of love, loss and determination. It’s about life, tragedy, triumph of the human spirit and redemption, in which anyone who has experienced the roller-coaster of life will definitely relate to. The documentary reveals the emotional torture and anguish that Tapia suffered throughout his life. It also demonstrates that no matter how tough life’s trials are, and no matter how many mistakes are

Kim Etheredge - Owner of Mixed Chick

Kim Etheredge - Owner of Mixed Chicks Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge We all know that hair is an essential part of a woman’s identity and personality. Hair is an extension of who we are, and despite any ethnicity, hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Women of every culture take pride in their appearance, and their hair is one of the most imperative elements of their overall presence. Realistically, hair is intimately linked to a woman’s self image; hence, when a woman’s hair looks gorgeous, it makes the woman feel stunning and confident, ready to take on the world. For women who truly care about the quality and care that goes into the products that are used for our hair on a daily basis, meet Kim Etheredge, creator and owner of Mixed Chicks, a highly successful line of multicultural hair care products. Being biracial, Kim faced a myriad of challenges in identifying proper hair care products for her combination hair. After years of using concoct

"Just in Time" By Ester Nicholson

"Just in Time" By Ester Nicholson, Author of Soul Recovery---12 Keys to Healing Addiction "I hung around Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and AA meetings for two years before I was even able to string ninety consecutive days together. As I look back now, I didn't actually want to heal at a deep core level. I just wanted to stop doing drugs so I could get my man back, and keep a job for longer than a month-maybe even get my daughter back. So, I hung around the meetings, flirting and looking for approval with my dingy red dress on and a mouth full of cavities. I had barely looked at the 12 Steps hanging on the wall, let alone tried to practice them. But over time, I came into contact with people at CA and AA whose lives seemed to be working. They had a sense of personal security and power. And I wanted that for myself. I wanted to have a life that I could be proud of, a home for my child and a mate who respected me. Sometimes, we need a re

K Michelle

K Michelle "Pain Medicine" Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Gently approaching the Memphis Tennessee native, K Michelle, with her manager, she greets the Consciousness Magazine journalists and I with a warm hand shake and open hug, as she recently comes off the stage after giving an energetic performance at the Woodstars Musical Festival. “ It was cool!  It was hot out there, but it was for a good cause.” I could feel the realness and appreciation in her sole, as another accomplishment is  completed , while being involved in a fundraiser event. Enthused about her career, we sit and begin to have a chat about her anticipated tour, “Next year I plan to go back out [on tour]. I don’t know the definite date, but I’ll keep everyone posted,” says the young and lively R&B singer and writer as the flashing lights from the camera are impending from all directions of the Proviso East High School hallway. Kindly and compassionate, she begins to talk about

Omari Hardwick (Exclusive interview)

Omari Hardwick (Exclusive interview) Interviewed and written by Hector De La Rosa If it is one thing an actor or actress must have in their portfolio, it must be the multidimensional diversity displayed in characters/roles of films.  There is no question that actor Omari Hardwick ( Dark Blue , I Will Follow , Miracle At St. Ana , For Colored Girls ) has the goods to produce quality works.  Even the beautiful late and great Whitney Houston said it before her untimely passing.  Hardwick is more than an actor as he added poet to his impressive resume and now Founder/CEO of his own production company.  Hardwick gives the masses insight of the gentleman he is and what makes him a successful African American entertainer in the world of entertainment. Hector De La Rosa: What does success mean for Omari Hardwick? Omari Hardwick: Success is a word where its definition changes overtime throughout life.  When I was younger, the word meant my family being safe and happy.  It also means m