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How To Die So That You Can Start Living

  By Melvin D Nix   Are You tired Yet? Have you desired to make changes in your life only to discover that you keep returning to your old habits? Do you have goals that seem unattainable and out of reach? I know how frustrating it is to feel like life is a never-ending version of Groundhog Day!   At the start of each year, we all get inspired to make positive changes in our lives. Goals like making more money, losing extra pounds, or going on a road trip are written out or put on a vision board. After the ball drops and the New Year's celebration ends, you start on your new journey. You wake up motivated and ready to go. Progress happens for a while and your passion for life is thriving. After a period of success, you notice that your momentum has stopped, and life seems to be fighting your progress. Eventually, you lose focus and find yourself back where you started.   After years of repeating unproductive cycles, it becomes incredibly exhausting. Life seems to be a ro

Florence LaRue: Grace in Your Second Act

Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor @iamcomprehend While having an intriguing conversation with Florence LaRue, lead singer and six-time Grammy Award-winner of the legendary group The 5th Dimension, I could feel her warm spirit as she poured out her soul and gave insight about her new book “Grace in Your Second Act” that is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and digital platforms. Full of wisdom and knowledge, she shares with Consciousness Magazine significant moments regarding her career that she has learned from over a 50-year span of being in the music industry.  I was more than honored to interview a woman of such statue, who loves God and whose heart is filled with much love and joy. Here is what Florence LaRue has to share with the readers. Aaron Robinson: You have a new book out titled Grace in Your Second Act. What was your motivation behind writing this amazing book? Florence LaRue: Actually, Aaron, my motivation was the people that I met, the peopl