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Infinite Inception 2: The Lost

Infinite Inception 2: The Lost Written by Darnell Jordan On June 25 th , digital artist Edo held an eclectic soiree where he unveiled his latest collection, Infinite Inception 2: The Lost. Upon entering, I was greeted by a life-sized cut-out of Edo, which everyone had the chance to write a brief message on. The room was full of eager art-enthusiasts with energy that vibrated off the walls. Edo’s new collection is a raw display of his non-existent relationship with his father. It summarizes everything he has ever wanted to say to him. He cleverly expresses this by creating portraits of influential people the world has lost both literally and figuratively. A distinct emotion is embodied in each piece, and represents a different chapter in Edo’s life. He included attributes that pay homage to the subject of the portraits as well. Infinite Inception 2: The Lost stood out to me, because of how Edo chose to present it. The show began with a posted statement by him explaining his