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Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong: Vision and Plan for the City of Kankakee, Illinois

Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong: Vision and Plan for the City of Kankakee , Illinois Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson (Editor) and Tocarra Eldridge Photos: David Volden On May 1 st , 2017, hundreds of people filled the City Hall Chamber in Kankakee , IL to witness Chasity Wells-Armstrong, the first African-American Mayor to get sworn into office. During this historical moment, happiness and excitement illuminated the room as the new Mayor took her seat to begin her new role. Prior to Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong’s oath, she has served as Alderwoman in the 5 th Ward of Kankakee, worked for Kankakee School District #111 and as the Deputy District Director for Democratic Congressmen, Bill Foster, etc. She holds a seat on numerous boards where she strongly impacts the community. Her background includes her earning an Associate’s Degree at Kankakee Community College , and a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Governors State University in social work. She is

Bishop George Bloomer Exclusive Interview

Bishop George Bloomer: Equipping the Masses with Personal Growth and Spiritual Fulfillment Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Recently, Bishop George Bloomer teamed up with the Barnes & Noble in Durham , North Carolina to have a book signing. At the book signing, a percentage of the sales from his new book Break Loose were donated to the Eastway Elementary School that is located in a disadvantaged neighborhood. Bishop George Bloomer is the founder and senior pastor of Bethal Family Worship Center . Bloomer is a bestselling author, renowned speaker, and entrepreneur, and is seen regularly on “Rejoice in The Word” on The Word Network. Here is one of his powerful and touching massages that he has to share with the readers regarding his new book, testimony and much more. Aaron Robinson: What inspired you to want to partner with Barnes and Noble Durham, NC to donate a percentage of your book, Break Loose, to the students of Eastway Elementary

The Merchant Boyz - Merchandise II: The Restock

The Merchant Boyz - Merchandise II: The Restock Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson -Editor                                                                                        Taking a 6 year hiatus from the music industry, The Merchant Boyz, which consist of the talented and gifted rappers, Cochise and Nez is back in the studio to record their second album Merchandise II: The Restock. The two brothers who have always had a passion for the art recently set down with Consciousness Magazine to talk about their career, life and the challenges in which they overcame in the music industry. Here is what they have to share with the readers. Aaron Robinson: What inspired you guys to want to come back together with the group? Cochise : I think it was timing. We just missed doing music. Nez : We wanted to get back to what we loved. We’re reppin’ for the essence of hip hop because it’s not too much going on. When I seen the Lox, they got me going again. Then, there i

Fashion Designer Mozella Malone: Creating a Brand and Successful Clothing Line (Q&A)

Fashion Designer Mozella Malone: Creating a Brand and Successful Clothing Line (Q&A) Q: What was your inspiration to becoming a fashion designer? A: From an early age, my enthusiasm for fashion was inspired by watching and admiring the designer fashions on runway models via television. Q: Under your umbrella House of NediA you produce several brands. What are those brands of clothing lines that you produce? A: NediA Collection, NediA Tutu Couture, NediA Girls, NediA Bridal Couture, Patche’d Clothing Q: Would you like to share any advice for upcoming fashion designers who are looking to get into the fashion designer industry? A: Never give up on your dreams or compare your creativity to others. I believe that each fashion designer brings something unique to the fashion industry, so don’t be afraid to be that outside-the-box designer and let your creativity flow. Also, keep in mind that not everyone is for your market, you find your market and niche and work i