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Mr OTG owner of Over Time Grind Productions LLC

Mr. OTG owner of Over Time Grind Productions, LLC Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson- Editor         Charles Paris (a.k.a. Mr. OTG), owner of Over Time Grind Productions, LLC., an entertainment company and record label, continues to make his mark not only as an astounding record producer but also as a successful tech in the technology field. As a producer, Mr. OTG has worked with a multitude of major recording artist, as well as numerous Grammy-winning writers and producers. Being a native of Champaign , Illinois who now resides in Philadelphia , it was evident that the music game chose him as he followed his heart and believed in his vision.   I, Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview Mr. OTG. He shares some valuable and priceless information concerning how he overcame countless struggles and obstacles to position himself as a successful businessman. He also shares with the readers how he created the worldwide App, Overtime Grind, and how he continu

Honorary WBC World Champion David Dino Wells Jr

Honorary WBC World Champion David “Dino” Wells Jr. Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Honorary WBC World Champion, Dino Wells Jr., star of the award-winning documentary “When the Bell Rings” is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the entertainment industry. Over the years, the professional boxer, screenwriter and actor has partaken in many TV shows, feature films, commercials and videos. He has also been a stuntman on Chicago Fire and Empire, just to name several. Recently, Dino Wells Jr., landed his first leading speaking role in the film “Same Kind of Difference as Me” alongside many Oscar winning actors. Here is what he has to share during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine. Aaron Robinson: What inspired you to want to become a boxer? Dino Wells Jr.: When I was 5 years old, my mom dated this gentleman who gave me some boxing gloves autographed by Sugar Ray Robinson. He use to work with me with the boxing gloves and I guess he wanted me

Nicolas Hamilton: Inspired to Drive [Exclusive Interview]

Nicolas Hamilton: Inspired to Drive Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Born with cerebral palsy , young world-class professional race car driver Nicolas Hamilton would spend the majority of his early life in a wheelchair and was told that he would never be able to walk. Having a disability, along with enduring many challenges and obstacles in his life, Hamilton would eventually exchange his wheelchair for the cockpit of his specially modified race car. Today, Hamilton can be seen racing in man competitions and adds his voice on British TV for Formula One Broadcasting, the world’s most watched motorsport  series. I had the opportunity to speak with Nicolas Hamilton about his amazing life, exciting professional career and his inspiring story concerning his newly released short film “ Inspired to Drive. ” Here is what he has to share. Aaron Robinson: You have accomplished a tremendous endeavor as a world-class professional race car driver. What type of gratif

Krayzie Bone on New Projects and Latest Happenings [Interview]

Krayzie Bone on New Projects and Latest Happenings Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor Whenever hip hop is the subject of a conversation, Grammy Award-winning rapper Krayzie Bone would become the discussion of the dialog as being one of the only artists that has worked with 2Pac, Notorious Big, Big Pun and Eazy-E and selling out crowds around the world. Continuing to set himself apart from other artist by staying relevant in a much competitive industry for over 20 years, Krayzie Bone continues to surprise and excite his fans and listeners with his unique and distinctive harmonic rhyme flow.   Recently, I had the pleasure again of speaking with the multi-platinum selling rapper of the legendary rap/hip hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony regarding his new projects, health issues and latest happenings. Here is what one of the greatest rappers of all times has to share with his fans and readers. Aaron Robinson: Yo Krayzie, how have you been?! Krayzie Bone: You know ev