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Two Of Hollywoods Brightest Stars

Two Of Hollywood’s Brightest Stars Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher Were Savvy Yet Independent Written by Eric Plaut Not so long ago in our own Milky Way galaxy, two women made an everlasting impact on Hollywood and the world.   They were a mother and her daughter.   Both were savvy and independent.   Like the rest of us, they triumphed over adversity and heartache throughout their lives.   As a result, they won admiration for more than their roles in film and television. Debbie (nee Mary Frances) Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher made an everlasting impact.   Even if it is a story that Hollywood could never truly capture, Home Box Office (HBO) released a documentary about their relationship earlier this year.   Titled Bright Lights , Debbie’s son and Carrie’s brother Todd Fisher helped produce this special.   (As of this writing, I have yet not been able to see the program that debuted on January 7.) “THE WORLD’S OLDEST GIRL SCOUT” Mary Frances Reynolds was born

Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper Written by Eric Plaut Creative people tend to be stereotyped quite a lot.   They may act in numerous plays or on the screen, draw or paint a variety of subjects or enhance and enrich themselves on a musical scale.   Yet due to a character they portray on stage or on screen, many of them endure being pigeonholed for that one peculiar role.   Actors, especially those known for an iconic role or two, wind up being stuck in a conundrum.   In that case, the performer tends to have two choices: either shun or embrace the character that made him or her a household name.   Just ask anyone who has portrayed a superhero (or villain).   It also applies to films like Star Wars and Star Trek .   If any of the major cast from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz were still around, their takes on the legendary characters they portrayed varied from being embraced to extreme hatred.   For instance, Ray Bolger enjoyed his role as the Scarecrow while real-life best friends Jack