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Aspiring Film Director & R&B Singer Leonard Warren

Aspiring Film Director & R&B Singer Leonard “Storm” Warren Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor   When founding the R&B group “Uncaged Heat” in 1995 Leonard “Storm” Warren would quickly rise to fame as a vocalist. Over the years the Phoenix, Arizona home based group would produce several music videos and release three CD’s, touring across the country to fulfill a magical and exciting life as their dreams come true.   I was able to catch up with Leonard “Storm” Warren, who is also an aspiring director. Here is what he had to share about his music journey and latest happenings.   Aaron Robinson: You were the original founder of the R&B group Heat formerly known as “Uncaged Heat”, what was it like to be a part of this group? Storm : I had recently relocated from Illinois leaving behind a sizeable following from my previous vocal group called “Perfect Timing.” My experiences made me more of the mentor of this new group (“Uncaged Heat”). W

Ziggy Marley Exclusive Interview

Ziggy Marley “Spreading Love Throughout the World” Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Photo Credit - Malia James   Releasing over eight best-selling albums with the group Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers, reggae iconic figure Ziggy Marley is back with another solo album, setting the bar in a genre that is greatly embraced across the world. The 5 time Grammy and Emmy winner looks to spread more love with his fifth studio album “Fly Rasta” via Tuff Gong Worldwide, sharing immense love, knowledge and wisdom with his fans and listeners.   “Fly Rasta” features The Melody Makers including Cedella Marley, Sharon Marley and Rica Newell, with production from the songwriter himself as well as Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Silversun Pickups). The album is undeniably a must have as each and every song empowers and enlightens the listener. Ziggy’s past solo albums include  Dragonfly , Love is My Religion ,  Family Time, and Wild And Free.   As an entrepreneur, Ziggy M

April DiscoGoddess Whitaker 1Love1House

April “DiscoGoddess” Whitaker host of '1Love1House' Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge   When I visited the set of ‘ 1Love1House’ and sat in the audience during the show, I couldn’t believe the extraordinary amount of love and peace ambient in the air. Meeting the incredibly humble cast was a breath of fresh air, as everyone was extremely pleasant and connected, one great big family filled with purpose. And that purpose was love .   1Love1House TV is a show that provides a platform for independent recording artists, filmmakers, small businesses and much more.   I was granted the opportunity to interview April “DiscoGoddess” Whitaker, host of this amazing show. She spoke about her creation of the show and gave some great advice and inspiration for individuals who are looking to work in the film industry. Here is what the “DiscoGoddess” had to share.   Tocarra Eldridge: When did you realize film was something you wanted to do? April Whitaker: It s

Ugo Lord Believe it Live it Dream it

Ugo Lord “Believe it, Live it, Dream it” Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge   “If I can believe in myself to a point that pushes me and motivates me to overcome my issues, then I should do everything I can to try to push and motivate others so that they can overcome the issues they’re having in their life,” sincerely articulates Ugo Lord, Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/TV Host of The Ugo Lord Show. Ugo’s phenomenal online show undertakes the initiative to uplift and inspire thousands of young adults across the world, continuously reminding individuals to always believe in themselves, as well as the importance of living a better and more productive life.   As an undergrad in law school, Ugo Lord has always had a passion for television production. He was involved with a show titled Standing Out, as a TV host, which provided adults with a political voice. After some time, his mentor would influence him to grab a camera and start his own show which is on the lines o

Precise: Ladies Love Mixtapes The EP

Precise: Ladies Love Mixtapes The EP Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor   There are very few artists who can speak life into the world and uphold their responsibility as an emcee, moreover, celebrate the art and culture of hip hop for its true essence. Having over 15 years of experience as an emcee, hip hop artist Precise is a legend in his own rights, rightfully and righteous.   Recently, the veteran native Chicago artist released his new EP “Ladies Love Mixtapes The EP”, a project inspired by romantic relationships and the experiences involved within relationships that both males and females can relate to.   The project also represents women in a positive light as oppose to women being represented in negative media.   I crossed paths again with the gifted and talented artist. The confident and assertiveness of his words continue to catch my attention while following his career over the last several years. He is truly an individual who practices and l