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Atlantas NJTL players are striving to attend the U.S open for Arthur Ashe day at the U.S Open

Atlanta’s   NJTL players are striving to attend the U.S open for Arthur Ashe day at the U.S Open.   The kids from Atlanta’s National Junior Tennis and Learning Association were heartbroken last year after they realized that they would be unable to attend the U.S Open for Arthur Ashe Kids day.  Ironically they could not afford to attend the event that honors the man who created NJTL, Arthur Ashe.  Ashe specifically created NJTL to give children with limited income the opportunity to play tennis.   Arthur Ashe Kids day is the largest single-day grassroots tennis and entertainment event in the world.  It consists of pro-tennis players coming together to play with junior players in memory of Ashe. Every junior player dreams to attend the event.   Ashe had a dream that tennis could become accessible to the masses regardless of finances or upbringing.  Ashe wanted any child who loved tennis to be able to play just like he did.  Historically, tennis has always been perceived

The Charleston Shooting and the Historical importance of Emanuel AME Church

The Charleston Shooting and the Historical importance of Emanuel AME Church Dylann Roof targeted a historic church in massive Hate Crime. Nine people are confirmed dead in Charleston South Carolina where a 21 year old white gunman named Dylann Roof  shot multiple people as they worshipped during their evening bible study at the historic Emanuel AME church which is the oldest Black church in the South. In a press conference, Police Chief Greg Mullen confirmed this act of terrorism as a “hate crime” and said, “It’s unfathomable that someone in today’s society would walk into a church where people are having prayer meeting and take their lives away. We will put all of our energy in finding this individual.” The importance of Emanuel AME and the historical elements that makes this church so significant to American culture is critical in understand this heinous shooting.   It is also imperative to understand that Black Churches have always been targeted in hate crimes. The 1963 B

MiMi Faust on Life Motherhood and Business

Reality Star MiMi Faust on Life, Motherhood and Business Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Reality television star MiMi Faust returns to an exciting new season of " Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." In this season 4, MiMi keeps the viewers drawn to her charm, confidence, wit and style as she balances motherhood and business ventures while eliminating herself from drama. Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview MiMi Faust from the VH1 hit show, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” that airs Monday's 9:00pm/8:00pm CT . Here is what the reality television star had to share with the readers regarding the reality show, life, motherhood and business. Aaron Robinson: What can fans and viewers expect from the new season of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta?” MiMi Faust: This season is full of surprises. There are a lot of new faces and of course a lot of new drama. I think people are going to be really interested to see what’s going on with my