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THE WORLD IS YOUR PEARL Written by Eric Plaut Happy New Year!   Now it’s time to start off with a clean slate for 2015.   I am writing this editorial during the first week of January.   Some of us are relieved that the holiday season is now over.   Visions of sugar-plums have stopped dancing in our heads about two weeks ago.   Finals are now lurking around the corner for those in middle school or high school.   The National Football League (NFL) has its weekend playoffs going strong with (now) eight teams hoping for a trip to Super Bowl XLIX and a coveted ring towards each member of the winning franchise. Over the years, federal holidays and observations tend to dominate calendars throughout the world.   One may have also noticed a month can represent something important to a group of people.   For instance, October promotes Breast Cancer Awareness.   Survivors, family, friends and those who lost loved ones proudly adorn pink ribbons and clothing as well as help raise funds to fi

Syndrome Goin the Distance Review

Syndrome “Goin the Distance” Video/Single Review     Syndrome a.k.a. Devious Monk continues to keep the West-Coast G-Funk sound lively and energetic as he releases epic music and collaborates with West-Coast legends in Hip Hop. Some of the artist he has worked with include former Deathrow recording artist Daz Dillinger, Outlawz, RBX, King T, and CMG of Conscious Daughters, just to name several. Recently, Syndrome released the 3D Animation cartoon “City Life” and “Summertime,” produced by Khavel-X, and the album Daz Dillinger Presents Syndrome (International Paperchaser) . Now releasing the 4th new single and video “Goin the Distance” featuring Bossolo and Sabotawj who are definitely hip hop talented rhyme spitters , as well as two gifted producers, DJ Ron G and DJ Unik, fans and listeners can add another feel-good classic to their archive. W ith this new song and video “Goin the Distance,” Syndrome continues to show love and connects with his West-Coast counte

S Epatha Merkerson interview

S. Epatha Merkerson Informs the Masses Concerning Type 2 Diabetes Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge   Over the last several years Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning actress S. Epatha Merkerson has shared her personal story regarding being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes with patients around the world. Merkerson teamed up with Merck on America’s Diabetes Challenge to work on a diabetes management plan that helps patients better manage the disease with the correct diet, exercise and medication which allows them to meet their A1C goal. I had the opportunity to interview S. Epatha Merkerson. The talented actress shared valuable information to urge people with type 2 diabetes to know their A1C number and to talk to their doctor about setting and attaining their own blood sugar goals. The program also encourages friends and caregivers to challenge their loved ones to get to their A1C goal and to help support the 29 million Americans living with this condition. Tocarr

Oop God: Q&A

Oop God: Q&A with Consciousness Magazine   Q: What is your motivation behind rapping? A: My personal motivation to rapping is to constantly feed the hunger of my audience and to receive positive feedback from the projects that I present to my audience. I love to see heads rocking back and forth in cars riding down the street while they’re listening to my music. I love to see people running up to me rapping verses from my songs. It just lets you know that your music is reaching people and that your work is not going unnoticed.   Q: Who are some of your influences? A: Some of my influences are Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, T.I., definitely Drake at this point, Common, and Jada Kiss. I say those people because aside from Drake those guys came from poor beginnings and somehow found a way to achieve their dreams to their fullest potential. They all are in the same business, but they all found a way to coin their own style of rap and be unique to the ears of their listeners.

An interview with Eugene Brown

Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the True Story of Eugene Brown in Life Of A King [An interview with Eugene Brown] Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson-Editor As a teenager, Eugene Brown often had his run-ins with law enforcement resulting in him going in and out of correctional youth institutions. As an adult, Brown will later serve a 18 year sentence in prison for bank robbery. While incarcerated in federal prison, he begins to play chess to escape the world around him. Today Brown is the Founder and CEO of The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3), where he uses chess as a philosophy to teach the inner-city children lessons of life. The organization was founded and formed to reach the un-reachable and teach the un-teachable youth by instilling the motto, "To Always Think Before You Move." The organization not only teaches chess as a board game but also as an application for improving one's concentration and self-discipline, and   for one to acquire lif

MADD Music Tour 2016 - An interview with Ron Boyt

M.A.D.D. Music Tour 2016 - An interview with Ron Boyt Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor     Ronnell Boyt has always had a passion for the art of music, using music as a platform to reach out to performing artist. Over the years he has coordinated multiple talent shows and showcases, as well as coordinated career day activities into the community while working with the music industry. Boyt is the Founder and CEO of Divine Entertainment, Inc. Today, he and his affiliates are planning a ten city major concert tour, "The M.A.D.D. Music Tour /Make a Difference Daily Music Tour." The tour would provide conferences and seminars addressing concerns such as Cyber Bullying, Human Trafficking, Poverty, Child Molestation, Drug Abuse and Borderline Personality Disorders, just to name several. The tour would also provide conferences and seminars regarding Entrepreneurship, Post Secondary Education and Spiritual Awareness. Some of the proceeds will go to progr