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Legendary Comedian & Actor, Tommy Davidson

Legendary Comedian & Actor, Tommy Davidson – The Man of Many Talents Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge   Tommy Davidson is back for a second season of Turner Network’s Black Dynamite as the voice of Cream Corn. The animated series is based on the 2009 film Black Dynamite. Other voiceovers for the animated series include Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite), Kym Whitley (Honeybee), and Byron Minns (Bullhorn), just to name a few.   Davidson has played hilarious characters on the unforgettable smash hit series In Living Color. During his phenomenal career, he has performed countless stand-up shows, starred and appeared in numerous films, as well as engaged in multiple character voiceovers for animated series. As a well-known comedian and actor, Davidson has brought laughter and entertainment internationally, earning his respect as a household name. Some of his most memorable acts include his impersonation of icons such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson.   I