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JES Music Review

JES Music Review JES, s inger, songwriter, producer, and DJ, proves to be a genius and a star when it comes to collaborating with various talents. The charismatic artist has become a benchmark in the genr e EDM blending the trance and house genre like no other .   JES has recently worked with internationally known Germany artist ATB, collaborating with three songs off of his album Contact. The three songs consist of “Hard to Cure”, “Together” and “Right Back to You”.   JES artistically uses various melodies of her voice in “Hard to Cure”, as her lyrics are emotional, engaging her voice simultaneously with ATB’s signature dance sound, making it fun and energetic.  “Together” is a ballad where JES seems to express her passion and freedom in music , as “Right Back to You” intrigues the listeners with its fine-tuned pop sound that’s mixed with a hard-hitting and upbeat temple. JES also collaborates with famous DJ, Ferry Corsten with “In Your Eyes [Dirty Chips Remix]” where he does a

Patrick Renna Interview

Patrick Renna Actor/Director of “Bad Roomies” Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor   Patrick Renna and his longtime friend Jason Schnell recently partnered with Tommy Savas, who is recognized for playing in The Sopranos and The Last Ship, along with screenwriter/director Justin Mooney to produce "Bad Roomies", an original feature-length film.   Over the course of Renna’s career he has played in over 25 featured films. Some titles include “ The Sandlot ”, “The Big Green” and award-winning television series such as Boston Legal and The X-Files .   I was able to speak to Patrick Renna about his latest project “Bad Roomies” and how he was able to fund it through Kickstarter. Here is what he had to share during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine.   Tell us a little about how “Bad Roomies” came into existence? I’ve known Jason for a few years now.   He works with the Reckless Tortuga crew, its funny . We have always talked a

The Importance of Saving

The Importance of Saving By Abesi Manyando We all know that we can’t predict the future no matter how hard we try.   Andre Benjamin said it best when he sang, “you can paint a pretty picture but you can’t predict the weather.   These days predicting the economic forecast can be even more challenging than guessing if it’s going to rain or shine.   That is why “saving should always be a priority,” says Financial Strategist, Donnell Bobo-CEO of DB Enterprise Financial.   Bobo’s company helps consumers and individuals create a financial plan that allows them to strengthen their financial and credit portfolio.   His sub-company, Cybernetics even develops software that helps consumers manage their portfolio and credit.   “I think as minorities we are already disadvantaged when it comes to financial literacy and wealth.   We are huge spenders but not as great at saving.   There are not a lot of us who can say we are as represented when it comes to ownership.   It seems no matter how m

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

An Entrepreneurial Spirit Dallas Executive, Sherilyn K. Smith Rudolph overcomes obstacles and becomes Entrepreneur of the Year By Abesi Manyando With mo r e than 1 5 y e ars o f e xper i ence in m a r k e ti ng , S h eri l y n K . S m ith Ru d o l p h h o l d s an u np rec e d ented d e g ree o f p r o f ess i o n al i s m a n d e xperti s e in her fiel d .   S h e is the p r e si d ent o f Eni g m a, LL C, a dyn a m ic s er v i ces c o m p a n y s p eciali z i n g in all as p ec t s o f m a r k e ti n g and e v ents m a n a g e m ent. S m ith - Ru d o l p h leads a t ale n t ed f u l l -ti m e staff and m ai n tai n s a flexi b l e n e t w o rk o f h igh l y s k il l ed speciali s ts t o m e et clie n ts’ e v o lving n e e d s. A f t e r a s u cc e ssf u l car e er m a n a g i n g m ark e ti n g and ad v ertisi n g pro g r a m s in t h e n e w sp ap er i ndu st r y , S m it h -Ru d o l p h saw an o p p o rtu n i ty t o

JES Interview

JES “ Queen of Rocktronica” Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor   There are few female DJ’s who can dominate and be successful in a male predominate DJ world. However JES is a tremendous songwriter, singer and DJ who’s talents and gifts speak for itself as she continues to blossom in the EDM world while having an exceptional voice and style. Believing in her vision and setting challenging goals, JES has topped Billboard charts and continues to receive widespread radio play, not only in the U.S. but internationally as well. She also has a radio show called “ Unleash The Beat” that’s syndicated on over 60 stations worldwide.     When it comes to community efforts and giving back, JES has trained with the APLA (Aids Project Los Angeles) to run the Marathon to help raise money for those who are living and affected by AIDS /HIV. She has worked with the Wounded Warriors Campaign, homeless children in L.A. and is always looking for new ways to help with her campaign c