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Tyler Knight Burn My Shadow Book Review

Tyler Knight -Burn My Shadow [Book Review] Written by Hector De La Rosa    @Here_2_Edutain_ Tyler Knight discovers his inner Finding Forrester; inviting readers and fanatics to his private life’s Champagne Room dominating the bed room scene with vivid concupiscent description that shames every character in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. He does this with Burn My Shadow - a folklore of porn-landia while acknowledging his alter ego in adult entertainment whereas scorning it; desiring it to burn or fade away as if it were to never exist.   Knight’s life is about survival of the fittest and that takes skill. It arouses curiosity about the life of a porn star from humble beginnings to fame, deeply penetrates the walls of the cerebrum on how the heartless business can damage the psyche, and squirts with triumph in the book’s end.     Tyler Knight sets the new standard for pornographic biographies serving more of a sophisticated and informative work of genius than a me