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HAROLD RAMIS (1944-2014)

HAROLD RAMIS (1944-2014) A Multitalented Comedian in Acting, Writing and Directing Written By Eric Plaut If you grew up in the 1980’s, you might have seen Harold Ramis first perform on the big screen in Stripes (1981), which he also co-wrote.   Ramis portrayed Russell Ziskey, an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) teacher who ends up joining the Army with his down-and-out friend John Winger—played by Bill Murray.   Russell, as a new ESL instructor, works with immigrants who recently arrived in the United States.   On the first day, he asks if any of his students if any of them knows any English.   One man raises his hand and responds with: “Son-of-bi--h!   Sh%^!”   His classmates repeat the profanities he’d just spoken.    Ziskey doesn’t respond to any of this as the scene ends, though we all know that maybe the poor guy is in the wrong profession. However, Ramis’s brainy guys never received the heartache or embarrassment that many of his comic predecessors endured.   Hi

International singer and producer Jaafar

International singer and producer Jaafar Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson- Editor Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview chart-topping singer and producer Jaafar. The multi-talented international is known for fusing the eastern sound of Jordan with rock. He has recently released his new single “Sixteen” and his second single “Oasis,”and is traveling the world working on his debut album. Here is what the young and talented artist, Jaafar, has to share with the readers regarding his music and much more. Aaron Robinson: You have recently released your third single titled “Sixteen.” How has the release of this amazing song been going for you regarding feedback, etc.? Jaafar: Sixteen is the first single off of my debut album that I’ve been recording for just under a year now. It’s the first song I’ve released that I really feel represents who I am accurately not only as a singer and a songwriter, but as a person. I now feel that I’ve found myself music

David Banner host ABFF Independent on the ASPiRE TV

David Banner Host “ABFF Independent”, on the ASPiRE TV Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor   Recently, Grammy Award-winning music producer, recording artist and actor David Banner hosted season four of “ABFF Independent ” that premiered early August on ASPiRE TV. “ABFF Independent” is a weekly two-hour show that presents the best independent short documentaries and movies of drama, comedy, love and family films from emerging talented Black filmmakers. Also, this month ASPiRE will present two marathons of " ABFF Independent ," series that will air August 29th from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. EDT, as well as seven episodes that will air on Sunday, September 20th from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. EDT, hosted by David Banner. Lavell Crump a.k.a. David Banner was born in Jackson , Mississippi . Outside of entertainment, David Banner is a philanthropist and civic activist who holds a degree in business from the University of Maryland . Over the course of David Ban

Ball Up exciting and energetic Tour

Ball Up exciting and energetic Tour Written by Aaron Robinson – Editor    One Chicago - Champions This year, Ball Up kicked off their 5 th season tour “Search for the Next” to find the next streetball superstar. The leading street basketball brand is known for its national competition in hopes of having the next hottest player to play on their Roster.   Early July, Ball Up made their way to Chicago IL to look for the next member for their professional team. Open tryouts took place at Foster Park , as the live event that was open to the community took place at Dunbar High School . The team which consists of some of the biggest players, just to name several, such as The Professor, Bone Collector , Air Up There , and Mr. Africa amazed the crowd once more with their exciting skill set in which they showcased on the floor, as the Chicago team would display their talent to excite the crowd as well. Unfortunately, Mr. Africa would have an injury, moreover the games an

J Tune Q&A

J. Tune Interview Q&A with Consciousness Magazine Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview up-and-coming hip hop artist J. Tune. Here is what he had to share during a recent Q&A.   Q: Tell us a little about some of your latest projects such as your recent mixtape, EP, etc.? A: I recently released my mixtape entitled “My Appreciation” which is a conscious, positive sound of music. For me, it was just a small way of showing my gratitude to all of my supporters who have been watching me grow and transform into the artist that I am right now.   Q: You are a lyrical artist who creates conscious music that talks about real life issues, and so forth. What is your inspiration to creating such positive and good music that has meaning and substance? A: In 2009 my close friend Kiwane Carrington was murdered by a local officer, when we were only 15 years old which drove me into a deep depression. My only outlet was music, which stuck with me and I dec