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Lamman Rucker chats about recent film Service To Man

Lamman Rucker chats about recent film Service To Man Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor   Always standing with confidence and poise, actor, activist, educator and entrepreneur Lamman Rucker is not only a man filled with integrity, more so, a man filled with an abundance of wisdom.   Every time I interview the dynamic actor, it is always a pleasure to learn from him and reap the joy of his humbling presence. It is evident of the roles he chooses in films and why he has a heart of giving back by supporting numerous organization community efforts. Rucker has an impressive list of acting credits. A few of the films he’s played in includes, “Why Did I Get Married?”, “Why Did I Get Married Too?”, and “Meet The Browns”. He recently stars in the TV drama series Greenleaf. Rucker recently played the electrifying role of Dr. Johnson in the film Service To Man, alongside talented actors such as Keith David, Morgan Auld, and Christopher Livingston, just to name sever

Award-winning singer JES discuss Music Career and Giving Back to the Community

Award-winning singer JES discuss Music Career and Giving Back to the Community Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson-Editor   When I first heard the soulful voice and exceptional songwriting of astonishing singer JES, I was immensely amazed. Not only did her voice speak to me, however, more so her creativity and style as an artist. Over the course of JES’ career, she has worked with some of the top leading DJ’s and producers. The award-winning singer has topped billboard charts and continues to build an international fanbase. I had the privilege to interview the amazing songwriter, singer, producer and DJ, that we all know as JES, regarding her latest happenings and much more. Here is what she has to share with the readers.   Aaron: What are some of your latest projects you are working on or that you have recently released? JES: I just released a new track with Cosmic Gate called “If Not Now”. I’ve done four or five singles with them. It’s really another beautifu

Smokie Norful: Take the Lid Off (Exclusive Interview)

Smokie Norful: Take the Lid Off (Exclusive Interview) Interviewed and written by Mozella Malone     Multiple Grammy-Award winning gospel singer Smokie Norful has recently released his new book titled  Take the Lid Off: Trust God, Release the Pressure, and Find the Life He Wants for You, a book of powerful meaning and messages that resonate with the masses.   In correlation , Norful has also partnered with Motown Gospel, his long-time label to release his digital-only album Nothing Is Impossible that consists of 12 tracks . The album features songs of empowerment and inspiration, such as “Still Say Thank You,” “No One Else” and “Run Til I Finish,” just to name a few. In the Chicagoland area, Norful is the senior pastor over Victory Cathedral Workshop Center where he has 5000 members. Over the course of his music career he has sold more than three million albums nationwide. I had the opportunity to interview a man of faith, who is filled with over-flowing prudence and wi

Damon Dash's Film, "Honor Up," Gives a Violent, Soulful Rendition of Urban Life

Damon Dash's Film, "Honor Up," Gives a Violent, Soulful Rendition of Urban Life   By Allison Kugel All images are credited to Damon Dash The life of Damon Dash appears to be an epic triumph to some, a Shakespearean tragedy to others. It depends on where you’re standing when you look at him. After speaking with the hip hop mogul turned entrepreneur and filmmaker, I can tell you Dame Dash’s story is more nuanced and complex; and is still being written. Dash hopes his new film, Honor Up , a semi-autobiographical story about the code of street honor, executive produced by Kanye West, and starring Dash, Nicholas Turturro, Michael Rispoli and Cam’ron; will give audiences an authentic portrait of who he is beyond the media’s checkered narrative. He tells me the unwavering code of honor depicted in the movie has informed every choice he’s made in his adult life. A kid from Harlem, New York, who lost his mother in his youth, Dash quickly took on a hustler’s mentality