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Winston Ward Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

Winston Ward Q&A with Consciousness Magazine Q: You have an astonishing voice. What inspired you to sing and write music? A: My inspiration for singing started when I was in middle school. I can recall hearing my older brother singing Dru Hill/Sisqo and wanting to sound just like them. I would take my older brother’s CD’s and learn the lyrics, harmonies and riffs to the best of my ability. I would write little songs to try and sound like all of the R&B I was listening to at the time. None of them were any good but I like to think that I took a masterclass in singing and songwriting at a young age due to how much music I consumed and tried to emulate. The turning point for me was when I started experiencing the emotions these artists were singing about in my personal life. It changed my approach to singing and even writing more meaningful songs. Q: Recently, you released the song titled "What Is Love." "What Is Love" that was also featured in the ind

Bobby Newt: Inspirational Singer and Songwriter

  Bobby Newt: Inspirational Singer and Songwriter Written and interviewed by Aaron Robinson @iamcomprehend and Tocarra Eldridge @TocarraMusicWorld Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview singer and songwriter Bobby Newt. Here’s is what the Grammy nominee had to share during a recent interview. Aaron Robinson : Who is Bobby Newt? Bobby Newt : Who is Bobby Newt? Bobby Newt is so many things. I am a married guy. I'm a family man. I'm a musician. I'm a songwriter, a singer - a motivational speaker as I feel like I have a lot to give in terms of hope to the inner-city kids. Yeah, gospel singer, three-time Grammy nominated songwriter... musical family. I come from a group, The Newtrons, that’s way back. I’m a father for sure - proud father. Aaron : How was your experience living in the projects, such as your father being a gangster and pimp and having both parents on drugs while being involved in the street life? What was that like for you growing up? Bo