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Michael Floissac Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

Michael Floissac Q&A with Consciousness Magazine   Q. Can you tell us a little about the author we know as Michael Floissac? A. I hail from the Caribbean Island of Dominica, and am a dad, husband, attorney and author. I’m very family-oriented, and like most, I spend my days trying to balance family and work-life. I’m very lucky to have a lovely wife to co-parent our toddlers, as they can be quite challenging as they learn to exert their independence. Some of my most enjoyable moments are observing my kids’ different expressions and mannerisms, and the highlight of my day is picking them up from daycare. I’m also a nature lover, so in my free time, I love visiting local farms and spending time at the beach, in and out of the water. Q. You are the author of the book "Thank you! With Deepest Gratitude". What inspired you to write this amazing book? A. I am saddened to say that, way too often, any day we turn on the news, there are stories that captivate us with vio