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Man Loses 240 pounds Challenges entire County

Man Loses 240 pounds and Challenges his entire County to join him in a Group Workout to kick off the New Year Written by Aaron Robinson - Editor   Join Marlowe Whitlow and become a part of making history at The World’s Largest Simultaneous Group Workout. He explains his overall goal for the challenge. “It is to get as many people out and get started off on the right foot for the New Year with exercising, but I also hope to be able to keep them motivated throughout the entire year. In addition, I anticipate introducing them to the most essential part of a healthy lifestyle which is acquiring better nutrition,” articulates Whitlow during a recent conversation with Consciousness Magazine .   The World’s Largest Simultaneous Group Workout will be held at two locations, Kankakee and Bourbonnais, IL. The trainers will include Joseph and Tina Begley who will be present at the KVPD Rec Center in Kankakee. The Bourbonnais event will be held at the Kalmese Wellness Studio; trai

Marys Court Third Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway

Mary’s Court Third Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor Every time I’m given the opportunity to interview Isiah Thomas, it is not only a pleasure to speak with the Hall of Famer and NBA TV analyst, but also an honor to be in his presence. Over the last several years, Isiah Thomas along with his family business, Mary’s Court, has been executing a multitude of phenomenal and positive efforts in the community.   Thomas recently partnered with the Marillac Social Center for Mary’s Court Third Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway, which took place in his hometown on the Westside of Chicago. “It’s all about the kids; it just warms my heart to see the kid’s happy receiving the toys. It’s always fun! It’s always exciting! Anytime you can put a smile on a kid’s face…it’s amazing just to see the kid’s faces glow. That’s what it’s all about,” excitedly articulates the NBA legend. Hundreds and hundreds of preschool to high school age students filled the

Still I Rise Provides Meals and Gifts to nearly 100 People in the Community

Still I Rise Provides Meals and Gifts to nearly 100 People in the Community By Consciousness Magazine   Still I Rise, a nonprofit organization, presented their 1st Annual Healthy for the Holidays event geared towards educating the public concerning health awareness. The event took place Saturday, December 13 th at the Kankakee Public Library (Kankakee, IL). The organization partnered with Walgreens and their local hospital facility, Riverside Medical Center who also provided items including blood pressure monitoring equipment, glucometers, test strips, lancets, scales, alcohol pads, biohazard bags, gloves, sharps containers, and more. “This was our first health event and it was a success and a great turnout! We’re looking forward to having a bigger turnout next year as we look to continue providing free health screenings, as well as free meals, and also a multitude of gifts and prizes to individuals in the community,” excitedly articulates Tocarra Eldridge who is the Executive D


A CONTINUAL CHRISTMAS Written by Eric Plaut Happy Saturday and on this day, I bring thee good tidings. Does the latter of my upcoming Yuletide greeting sound familiar to you?   In some ways, it should.   Christmas comes but once a year yet it’s coming around the bend in less than four weeks (as of this writing).   Most of us look forward to being with friends, family and a good time.   There are Christmas brunches or dinners to prepare for and holiday presents to buy and wrap.   Cards will send out to others, most of whom we usually don’t communicate with even though we have enough technology to shake a stick at—with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. All of the following sounds like a lot of fun.   If you’re with a great family, have friends who like you for you and a rewarding job, it makes holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas worthwhile.   But it’s not always about spending money and getting that gift you’ve coveted for the past eleven months or so.   Read on; this i

Shanola Hampton Star in Things Never Said

Shanola Hampton Star in Things Never Said Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge I was given the opportunity to interview the talented and gifted actress Shanola Hampton. Hampton appeared on television shows such as "Reba", "Scrubs" and landed a recurring role on Showtime’s critically acclaimed drama “Shameless”. The actress recently starred in the film Things Never Said alongside Omari Hardwick and Tamala Jones. The film is about a love story centered on the trials and tribulations of life, where Kal (Hampton) is wounded by a miscarriage and goes through an abusive relationship. As a poet she desperately tries to find a voice while going through obstacles in her life. The film won Best Screenplay at the 17th Annual American Black Film Festival. Here is what Shanola Hampton shared with the readers about her role in Things Never Said , as well as empowers women as she gives advice to aspiring actresses. Tocarra Eldridge: You star in Things Never Said

Englewood International Film Festival

Englewood International Film Festival Laughter, cheering, applauding, and lots of love filled the atmosphere of the October 2014 Chicago Englewood International Film Festival (EIFF) event.   Celebrating its fourth year, the EIFF rejoices not only on the recent success of Black Hollywood blockbusters breaking huge box office records and garnering big Oscar Award wins, but also on the success of Founder of EIFF Mark Harris’ film Black Coffee which premiered on BET (Black Entertainment Television).   This year’s film festival had uniqueness, distinct from rival film festivals of the year. Its displayed workshops and films centered on the concept and theme of “I Believe.” The newest addition to the EIFF is ‘Career Day.’ Professionals of the entertainment industry including filmmakers, actors, to make up artists gave back to the Englewood community by going to the schools to speak to the youth on possible career opportunities, believing in building future potential leaders of e