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Dr Shanessa Fenner interview with the late Congressman John Lewis

Dr. Shanessa Fenner interview with the late Congressman John Lewis Dr. Shanessa Fenner interviewed Congressman John Lewis on her TV show called “Let’s Talk with Shanessa Fenner.” The historic interview took place on the campus of Fayetteville State University. Congressman John Lewis is a Civil Rights icon who has fought for equality all of his life. Watch the interview and learn all about this amazing man.

Jekalyn Carr Exclusive Interview: Winning in Life with Purpose

Jekalyn Carr: Winning in Life with Purpose Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge @ TocarraMusikWorld Grammy Award nominee and multi Stellar Award-winning gospel recording artist Jekalyn Carr continues to deliver powerful and heartfelt messages, not only through her music but as an Evangelist and Motivational Speaker to her audience and listeners around the world. Releasing her Billboard Top 5 single “Greater Is Coming” at the age of 15, she would eventually rise to stardom having eight No. 1 hits before the age of 21. Some of her hit records include “You’re Bigger” and “You Will Win”, just to name a couple. As an international singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actress, influencer, and author, Jekalyn Carr continues to touch the masses with her profound gifts and vision by helping people reach their fullest potential. I was granted the opportunity to interview a woman of virtue and integrity, Jekalyn Carr, regarding her exciting career, new endeavors and most importa

A Painful Path

A Painful Path  by Murray Dunlap I was too smart to be normal , but not smart enough to be anything else. I was tested repeatedly (I imagine this to be at my proud mother’s request) but in the end, I was a ‘straight A’ student, sure, but not much else. I finished high school in fine style, college was a silly game of transfer here to there to back where you were, and so on. Then I went to graduate school at UC Davis, but every word of that time has been lost to amnesia. Which brings me to my reason for telling you my story. I developed amnesia, as well as a traumatic brain injury (among other injuries) when I had moved to my hometown and a very nice man missed a red light. Yes, ‘avery nice man’ … I have forgiven him for this endurance run that has gone on for more than a decade. If I an honest, it still goes on today.   It took immeasurable flexibility with my definitions of right and wrong, but it was a mistake, for God’s sake, and accidents do happen. I have forgiven hi

Too Young Too Smart Too Successful to be an Alcoholic

Too Young, Too Smart, Too Successful to be an Alcoholic It’s like a Jeopardy game show question: “What are the three reasons given as to why people with a drinking problem cannot get sober? What is too Young , as “I’m only (__) fill in the blank, years old. How can I possibly be an alcoholic, I’m too young?” “Yes, my mother and father drink too much and probably alcoholics but they are in their mid-seventies.” “Not me, I’m much too young to be an alcoholic.”The undeniable truth is that alcoholism affects both men and women of all ages. What is too Smart , as “I have an MBA from a very good school and have received excellent grades throughout my entire academic career. I believe only high school and college dropouts can be alcoholics. Not me, I’m much too smart to be an alcoholic.” “Besides, I have a great work history and promising career.” The undeniable truth is intelligence is no more a factor as who may be an alcoholic than the day of the week they were born on