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6th Annual Chicago Westside Music Festival

6 th Annual Chicago Westside Music Festival Written by Hector De La Rosa Only three festivals bring the perfect end to Chicago summer events: North Coast Music Festival, the African Festival of the Arts, to the recent 6 th Annual Chicago Westside Music Festival (WSMF) whose mission is to shine light on the positive contributions, culture, and people of Chicago’s West Side.    Besides food trucks that serve the best in cuisine, there were school supply and backpack giveaways to the youth. The most integral of the festival became the entertainment provided by the deejays and host Leon Rogers, where he kept the audience in laughter in between performances. The most memorable festival performances are not only Chicago local talent like Kilika Tabron, Dej Monae, Matt B., and Marcus Mack but headliners Lil Mo’, Vivian Green, and Dru Hill that bequeathed their entire soul unto the stage and microphone. If you grew up listening to 1990s and mid-2000s music, this article is catered