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Renowned Poet and Author Sanchez Gardner Q&A

Renowned Poet and Author Sanchez Gardner Q&A with Consciousness Magazine Question: You are very talented at your craft and have a talent that’s unlike any other when it comes to connecting words. What do you feel is your ultimate purpose or calling? Answer: Actually, I’m not sure what my calling is. I write what I hear and share it with those who are interested. It seems to me as though I’m writing pieces for a future generation. A lot of poems I’ve heard and written are about things I don’t understand or have knowledge of. Question: Regarding your poems, they are truly a gift from God. Do you have any pieces that are dear to your heart or that you use as therapeutic to help you get through the day? Answer: There are many pieces that get me through different situations and subconsciously come to my rescue. However, I don’t have one in particular or one that’s above others. Question: You are a good friend of Nikki Giovanni. If you would like to share, as a poe

Music Producer and Autism Activist Marcus Boyd sheds Light on the Autism Community

Music Producer and Autism Activist Marcus Boyd sheds Light on the Autism Community Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor   7x Grammy Award-winning music producer and autism activist Marcus Boyd has been giving back and fighting for his community as a voice for autism. Beating the odds while living with autism was a challenge, however, a gift from God as he continues to live his dream and follow his passion no matter the circumstances that he may face.   Recently, Marcus Boyd was honored at the Atlanta Hip Hop Day where he received a Pioneer Award. He was also honored at The Stone Awards in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2020 Marcus Boyd will begin working on his worldwide clothing brand, ART'istic Wear Clothing that will give light and honor to the autism community. That is not the only goal he looks to achieve as he sets out more goals while being the founder of A Solid Music Note Foundation.   I had the opportunity to interview Marcus Boyd. Here is
Desreta Jackson: Strong, Innovative and Successful Businesswoman Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge Natural hair expert and businesswoman Desreta Jackson has recently released her new book “ The Black Hair Conspiracy ” in which she takes a look into natural hair and its physiological effects throughout history.   The book is educational and informative as it provides a step-by-step guide to maintaining hair and disproving practices passed down by mass media. Desreta Jackson is also an amazing actress and film director. She is known for her iconic role in the film “The Color Purple” as the young Celie, where it was nominated for an Oscar. She has also landed roles on Sister Act and Mancuso FBI, just to name a few. Some of her accomplishments consist of her being awarded the 2011 Prestige Award and two MAC Awards. She is also the C.E.O. of the hair and beauty brand BlackSilk. Nonetheless, she has worked with international companies and much more. I had the opportunity