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Single Review: Tocarra “Lick Back” featuring BenOne

Single Review: Tocarra “Lick Back” featuring BenOne By Consciousness Magazine   The melody on the track “Lick Back” by Tocarra featuring platinum recording artist BenOne shines through with a strong and energetic bounce that immediately captures the listener's attention. The harmony and production by Charles “UNKahmn” Price on the song are expertly crafted, especially the tight and catchy chorus that has great potential for radio play. The first verse's rhythm is easy to listen to, and the singer's well-presented voice beautifully merges with the instrumentation. The instrumentation itself is executed flawlessly, with the hi-hats and BD's mixed perfectly, and the kick drum prominently cutting through. The vocals, especially the singer's, are incredibly strong, delivering originality with the use of the phrase "Lick Back," which can carry the song onto the airwaves. BenOne, showcases their impressive vocal skills, with their voice blending seamlessly

The Amazing Sharon Leal [Exclusive Interview]

  The Amazing Sharon Leal [Exclusive Interview] Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge Beginning her acting career at an earlier age, actress and singer Sharon Leal will eventually rise to stardom and play roles in some of the biggest films of our time. Sharon has portrayed roles in films such as Dreamgirls, Why Did I Get Married?, and Why Did I Get Married Too?, just to name several. She has also portrayed roles on television shows such as “Legacy”, “Guiding Light“, and “Las Vegas”, along with a host of many other popular show. Remaining humble and close to her roots, I had the opportunity to interview the heart-felt and warm-spirited Sharon Leal, who is an amazing actress. Here is what she has with share to the readers. Tocarra Eldridge: You began your career in theater. What was your inspiration to wanting to become an actor? Sharon Leal: Well, I was painfully shy as a little girl. I was really uncomfortable in my own skin. For some reason, the earliest memory that I

Jodie Sweetin on Full House Fame

Jodie Sweetin on Full House Fame, Podcasting and Saying “No” By Allison Kugel Jodie Sweetin enters the room with a take me as I am confidence that makes no apologies. She seems rooted in something profound after a past filled with the rigors of child stardom, substance abuse and mental health struggles. It’s taken her nearly four decades of life to arrive at this place of strength, clarity, and insight. The girl has definitely earned the life she gets to live now with a thriving career, two well-adjusted daughters, and a loving relationship.For Jodie, who says she shuns plastic surgery and gobs of glam, the glow up has definitely been internal, yet you can see it on her youthful face that hasn’t changed much over the years. The 39 year old mother of two began her career as one of the young darlings of 1980s and ‘90s prime time television; her blonde ringlets and exaggerated on-cue facial expressions helped propel Full House into the stratosphere of iconic sitcoms that continues