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Shamari DeVoe Discusses Television Music and Marriage

Shamari DeVoe Discusses Television, Music and Marriage  Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor @iamcomprehend   Actress, pop and R&B artist, Shamari DeVoe, known from the female group,  Blaque, recently returned to “BET Presents the Encore.” The show chronicles the ladies as they try to bond both creatively and personally while trying to complete performances and a body of work together. Over the course of DeVoe’s career, she guest-starred in the movie “Honey” and was casted in “Bring It On”. She also appeared on Pamela Anderson’s show "VIP”, playing herself and appeared on season 11 of Bravo TV’s, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Being the wife of Ronnie DeVoe, they both will soon release their book “ Music Money and Marriage ” discussing their personal stories and journey. I had the opportunity to interview Shamari DeVoe. Here is what she has to share. Aaron Robinson: Over the course of your career you have been an accomplished singer, actre

Beverly K Johnson Motivational Life Coach and Owner of Genesys Fitness

Beverly K Johnson - Motivational Life Coach and Owner of Genesys Fitness Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor @iamcomprehend   Beverly K Johnson, Zumba instructor, motivational life coach and owner of Genesys Fitness continues to use her practices and the experiences she endured over the years to empower and make a positive difference in many womens lives. Caring for others is not only a passion for Johnson, as she believes in the betterment of women to become their ideal-self, despite the situations they have been through in their lives. Here is what Beverly K Johnson has to share with the readers. Aaron Robinson: What inspired you to want to be not only a Zumba instructor but also a motivational life coach and fitness trainer? Beverly K Johnson: When I started my journey as an instructor, I had no idea that my journey would include the coaching aspect. After class, I had students asking me about specific health topics. That’s when I earned my certification a