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Dr. Shanessa Fenner "Being the Best YOU Possible"

TV Show Host, Actress & Educator…  Dr. Shanessa Fenner  "Being the Best YOU Possible" An interview with Dr. Shanessa Fenner by Aaron Robinson - editor I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Shanessa Fenner, a woman of many talents and gifts. Dr. Fenner is a woman who loves to give back to her community and is constantly making a positive difference in individual’s lives on a daily basis. Here is what Dr. Fenner has to share with the readers. Aaron Robinson: Tell us a little about the person we know as Dr. Shanessa Fenner. Shanessa Fenner: Well, Aaron, I am first and foremost an elementary school principal, I've also been a middle school principal. I'm currently a writer of 15 publications. I'm also a songwriter. I'm an adjunct professor, TV show hosts, former radio personality, model, and actress. I also help to encourage others and help them as well on their journey to the next level. Aaron: I met when you were a radio personality on a mainstrea

An interview with Kadeem Hardison

  An interview with Kadeem Hardison Interviewed and written by Allison Kugel  @theallisonkugel  &   Actor and director Kadeem Hardison is known for his iconic TV role as Dwayne Wayne on the groundbreaking NBC sitcom  A Different World , which aired for seven seasons, from 1987 through 1993, and highlighted the lives and relationships of Black college students attending the fictional HBCU, Hillman College. The show also starred Lisa Bonet, Marisa Tomei, Jasmine Guy, Sinbad, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cree Summer and Darryl M. Bell among others. Kadeem went on to play Zendaya’s father in Disney Channel’s  K.C. Undercover , and to recur in Showtime’s  Black Monday . Hardison star in the AMC television series,  Moonhaven , which takes place 100 years in the future in a utopian society set on a 500 square mile Garden of Eden built on the moon. On Lisa Bonet confiding in him about how early fame affected her: “I had worked with Lisa [Bonet] the year before  A

Michael Floissac Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

Michael Floissac Q&A with Consciousness Magazine   Q. Can you tell us a little about the author we know as Michael Floissac? A. I hail from the Caribbean Island of Dominica, and am a dad, husband, attorney and author. I’m very family-oriented, and like most, I spend my days trying to balance family and work-life. I’m very lucky to have a lovely wife to co-parent our toddlers, as they can be quite challenging as they learn to exert their independence. Some of my most enjoyable moments are observing my kids’ different expressions and mannerisms, and the highlight of my day is picking them up from daycare. I’m also a nature lover, so in my free time, I love visiting local farms and spending time at the beach, in and out of the water. Q. You are the author of the book "Thank you! With Deepest Gratitude". What inspired you to write this amazing book? A. I am saddened to say that, way too often, any day we turn on the news, there are stories that captivate us with vio

MTV Teen Mom Family Reunion Life Coach Dr Cheyenne Bryant

Interviewed by Aaron Robinson (Editor) @iamcomprehend   & Tocarra Eldridge-Robinson @TocarraMusikWorld   Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview Dr. Cheyenne Bryant. In our interview we speak about her involvement on MTV Teen Mom: Family Reunion as a Life Coach and how she effectively gives guidance and healing techniques to the cast members on the television show in hopes to better their lives. Bryant gives insight about her new book Mental Detox and also encourages the masses with powerful words of encouragement. Here is what Dr. Cheyenne Bryant has to share with the readers. Aaron Robinson: Thank you Dr. Bryant for this interview with us, we always really appreciate you taking out the time. Thank you so much! Tocarra Eldridge-Robinson: Thank you so much! Dr. Cheyenne Bryant: Absolutely, thank you both for having me! I know I’ve interviewed before with this beautiful woman and she did a great interview, great questions, very relatable, and it was just a

Founder of Choose Healthy Life, Dr. Debra Fraser-Howze

Interviewed and Written by Tocarra Eldridge Dr. Debra Fraser-Howze has been widely recognized for decades regarding her global leadership to communities of color. She originally founded the National Black Leadership Commission in 1987. According to Fraser-Howard, "It came from a concept that I had because I knew that it was going to be necessary to bring the best and the brightest of the community together to respond to a disease and an actual pandemic that took place at that time". During this time frame most individuals in society were frightened. Fraser-Howard realized actions needed to be taken to help combat those current circumstances. She explained, "The Commission called out to Reverend Bunch and Reverend Sharpton and they took action. We wanted to ensure that their churches had the resources they needed and the workforce they needed to administer vaccines. We vaccinated over 50,000 people".  Recently, Fraser-Howze created the phenomenal program, Choose

Danette Mahabeer (Domestic Violence Survivor) Q&A

  Q: What influenced you to write the book "Leave Alive"?  A: Having experienced Domestic Violence first hand has led me to write this very inspiring book in the form of a guide to help other domestic violence victims across the globe to be better able to identify the signs to look for and how to be proactive when dealing with an abuser. As a Domestic Violence Survivor, I strongly believe that God placed it on my heart to write this book.    Q: How will your book empower and help those individuals who are victims of domestic violence when they open it up to read it? A: The book LEAVE ALIVE! was specifically written in the form of a guide to help current victims of domestic violence. This book will not only help current victims identify the signs of abuse, but also empower them to take the brave and necessary steps to end the abuse. Each chapter contains a Bible scripture to help current victims identify with God's words and promises for them.    Q: Being a vic