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Les Gold Interview

Les Gold: Star of Tru TV’s Number One Show, “Hardcore Pawn” Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Co-written by Tamaris Barnett - Interim     Les Gold, Seth Gold, and Ashley Broad-Gold operate the largest pawn shop in Detroit. For the new season of “Hardcore Pawn”, the stars of the Tru TV’s Number One reality show are back with new exciting episodes for viewers and fans to watch.   Les Gold is an experienced hard-nosed pawnbroker who built American Jewelry and Loan from the ground up. Having over 5 decades of experience in the pawn business, Gold has been very instrumental to his community by providing over 50+ jobs in the Detroit, Michigan area. Whenever given the opportunity to represent for national media, Gold makes a way to serve as an unofficial ambassador for the city.   As a successful business owner, Gold has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and the Visitors and Conventions Bureau to promote businesses and tourism for the Detroit are

Zuher Khan Interview

Zuher Khan on new Film and artist Collaboration Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor When 18 year old film producer Zuher Khan taught himself about the film industry, the sky was the limit. Khan would later create a conspiring film that depicts the life of a young film student, titled “ Three Holes, Two Brads & A Smoking Gun ”. In the film, Khan plays John F. Kennedy Ariamehr a.k.a. Jack. Other actors include incredible performances by James Wilder Joaquim de Almida, Richard Edson and Rudolf Martin, just to name several. Recently, Khan has collaborated with such incredible talent on the soundtrack for the film such as legendary film producer and rapper Ice Cube, Obie Trice and Grammy Award Winning Producer, Magnedo7 . I was able to interview the humble and strong-minded film producer, Zuher Khan, about his new film, his collaborations, and his latest happenings in the entertainment industry. Zuher is a believer and is a prime example of having a vision and

Kimberly Elise

Kimberly Elise Discusses New Films & Latest Happenings Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor “It was pretty nice playing a real-life character. I enjoyed it. It was nice because Angela Logan was there with us as part of the film since the film was based on her. She’s such a positive and inspirational strong woman. It was an honor to play her,” says Kimberly Elise as she explains to Consciousness Magazine regarding playing the real-life role of Angela Logan in “Apple Mortgage Cake” on the UP Television Network. The Up Television Network provides uplifting entertainment as well as high-quality, diverse, family-friendly programming: movies, theatricals, dramas, comedy series, musicals and holiday specials.   “Apple Mortgage Cake” is a true story based on Angela Logan, a Teaneck, New Jersey resident who was faced with foreclosure. She set out a goal to bake 100 cakes within a 10 day period to generate 4000 dollars to save her home. “Well, I thought it was really

Touré Roberts Interview

Touré Roberts: Awakening to Purpose Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor   Hollywood's rising leader Touré Roberts continues to make a positive impact in his community for young people and adults as a voice of vision, hope, and purpose. Having over 3500 members who attend his weekly One Church in Hollywood, it is evident that Roberts is following his purpose and calling to serve a creative and professional community who is serious about their passion for creativity; nonetheless, to inspire and touch the hearts of people from all walks of life.   R oberts recently released his new book Purpose Awakening in which he classifies as a purpose manual , a manual guide to life . His goal for the book is to help people to live a better life along their journey as they transcend through life.   Here is what Touré Roberts shared with the Consciousness Magazine readers during a recent interview about his passion for his endeavors, which consist of his desire to

Bahc One

Temple of Hip Hop Music Director and Producer Bahc One Q&A Q: When was the moment that you realized that you had a passion to Dee Jay? A: The day I hooked up a fisher price turn table and a old belt drive turn table to a Realistic mixer with no cross fade. Q: What are some of the sacrifices that you’ve made or some of the struggles that you went through to get to where you are today? A: If you really want to be you in life, struggles are the key to your true character. If you are not willing to sleep in your car for 6 months, eat beans and rice, shower in a Waffle House restroom, and really take the leap into your higher self, then you are not willing to be you. The biggest struggle for me was my mother’s death. She literally died on Teachas birthday. She was my rock, my spiritual teacher! My mother kept me level headed. When she died my entire world changed. It was my mother that encouraged me to keep going when people wouldn’t give me a chance to rock the mic

Roseland/West Pullman Film-maker Russell Norman

Roseland/West Pullman Film-maker Makes a Difference in the Community Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Over the last several years, Russell Norman has used his gifts and skills as a poet, actor, a well-versed MC, DJ and film-maker to deliver an awareness message through his creativity. Continuing to follow his dream as a film-maker, Norman, the free-spirited individual and architect who brings creativity to life continues to live out his passion, expressing himself as an artist.       Norman has recently written the movie script “The Land” which is in pre-production, where he anticipates directing and producing. I (Consciousness Magazine) had the opportunity to speak with the gifted and talented Southside Chicago native who dwells throughout the Roseland/West Pullman neighborhoods. Here is what he had to share about his inspiration behind creating such a unique piece of art work. “My inspiration was me wanting to make an impact with my music and my wri