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Ja Rule: Triple Threat Artist, Actor and Author

Ja Rule: Triple Threat Artist, Actor and Author  Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge There are not very many rappers who have the ability to effectively pursue multiple entertainment endeavors. Ja Rule has proven the world wrong and has been unbelievably successful in his accomplishments and is widely recognized as a triple threat in the industry, being a prominent artist, actor and author. I was able to catch up with the remarkable megastar as he shares with me his recent happenings, mainly his role in “I’m In Love with A Church Girl” that was recently released on DVD and Blu-ray. Here is what Ja Rule had to share with the Consciousness Magazine readers. Tocarra Eldridge: What does the word Consciousness mean to you? Ja Rule: I would have to say Consciousness means being aware of what you do and being aware of your surroundings. It can mean a lot of things, but that’s my definition of Consciousness . That’s what Consciousness means to me. Tocarra: What

Ja Rule shout out to Consciousness Magazine

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DaMasta...A Lyrical Genius, Clever Emcee By Aaron Robinson - Editor When DaMasta (Daquane Finley) is in concert, you can be sure to expect not only an electrifying hip-hop show with an amazing stage performance, but also  rocking a crowd  and  holding his own  is never a challenge for the solo artist, as his varied styles peep the audience’s curiosity from beginning to end. With past albums such as  Curse of the 7 and  In the Darkness , it’s evident that he earns the title DOPE EMCEE. Starting off in a local group called II Far Gone with best friend Unkahmn   (Charles Price) during high school in the thriving town of Kankakee, Illinois, the community had yet to see an urbanized talented act emerge to its full potential. Having room for growth and development, the group set out on its journey and later added another emcee/producer Da Ace Man, making the trio complete. Releasing several albums over the years, such as  Domestic Damage  and  Aint No Way Back , the trend-setters fe

DaMasta Review

DaMasta – HATRED: Lyrical Therapy When the former urbanized talented group II Far Gone went their separate ways, DaMasta continued to follow his vision as a solo artist. He has currently released his third solo album  HATRED: Lyrical Therapy  after a short heist since dropping  Curse of the 7 . A history of aggression and the relief of frustration in his lyrical content compliment the tracks, demonstrating that he has creative and articulate rhyme styles. This albumproves to be one of DaMasta’s best albums yet, as it features Kankakee, Illness (Illinois) long high school poet friend Tara Betts (author of ARC & Hue…featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam) and Wild Bill. The album includes production from varies producers such as Unkahmn, DJ-2183, DJ Chrisby, DJ Snow, P.I.G. (Hood Squad Ent.) and DaMasta himself, along with a hand full of amazing up-and-coming talent. HATRED:   Lyrical Therapy  wins over all hip-hop lovers, with true hip-hop productions at its essence. “Shoes-N-Soc