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ROOT FOR A FEW UNDERDOGS Written by Eric Plaut “An underdog is in a position to take a healthy bite” —Ted Seabrooke, Phillips Exeter Academy wrestling coach The late Ted Seabrooke seemed to have an answer for everything.   As a former coach at this prestigious New Hampshire academy, his wrestlers tended to discuss everything under the sun with him.   Whether good or bad, Ted would manage to say something positive to the boys including his above quote on underdogs.   One of his protégés was John Irving, the future author of The World According to Garp and The Cider House Rules .   (Irving’s stepfather Colin taught history at Exeter. John writes about his two passions—wrestling and writing—in his autobiography The Imaginary Girlfriend ; Ted’s quote on underdogs is in this book.) An underdog tends to face difficulty at times. Only he or she knows they can see what they're capable of—win or lose. Though it’s not their intention to buck the system, one tries to swim aga

Award Winning Radio Host Pat Prescott

Pat Prescott of 94.7 The Wave L.A. Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor Famous and award winning radio host, Pat Prescott, has subdued many listeners and fans to fall in love with her incredible radio voice over the last several decades. Prescott began her career as a teacher and eventually ventured into radio as the opportunity presented itself. Taking on the challenge, she would get her start in New Orleans on WYLD-FM. She would later move on to work at WRVR jazz station in New York as a music director and mid-day announcer. As her career advanced she went on to hold numerous positions on WQCD, WBLS and WLIB. Today, Prescott has a morning show on The Wave 94.7 in Los Angeles, “Pat Prescott in the Morning”. I had the privilege to interview this phenomenal woman. Here is what she had to share regarding her career and journey becoming a renowned radio host.   Aaron Robinson: When you take a look over your career, from when you first started off as a radio person