Still I Rise Provides Meals and Gifts to nearly 100 People in the Community

Still I Rise Provides Meals and Gifts to nearly 100 People in the Community
By Consciousness Magazine
Still I Rise, a nonprofit organization, presented their 1st Annual Healthy for the Holidays event geared towards educating the public concerning health awareness. The event took place Saturday, December 13th at the Kankakee Public Library (Kankakee, IL). The organization partnered with Walgreens and their local hospital facility, Riverside Medical Center who also provided items including blood pressure monitoring equipment, glucometers, test strips, lancets, scales, alcohol pads, biohazard bags, gloves, sharps containers, and more. “This was our first health event and it was a success and a great turnout! We’re looking forward to having a bigger turnout next year as we look to continue providing free health screenings, as well as free meals, and also a multitude of gifts and prizes to individuals in the community,” excitedly articulates Tocarra Eldridge who is the Executive Director of Still I Rise. Eldridge holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, and ultimately started this organization to give back to the community. “Attendees benefited from free health screenings that included blood pressure checks, weights, and blood glucose checks provided by Registered Nurses. The ultimate purpose of this event was to provide a fun, informative, and positive experience for area citizens, while encouraging them to continue putting their health first.”
The Healthy for The Holidays event was free and open to the community. Everyone who attended the event received a free gift and a chance to win an abundance of prizes. Nearly 100 people were fed meals provided by Olive Garden and NaNa’s 2 (a flourishing local bakery and restaurant). Beverages were provided by Walgreens. A “Healthy for the Holidays” magazine published by Still I Rise was issued to everyone who attended the event, which included featured health related articles, as well as advertisement placements from sponsors and supporters of local businesses. There were also great speakers who shared powerful information to empower the community regarding health, such as, Loyola graduate Dr. Rodney Alford, Larry Williams, the Executive Director of the Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Marlowe Whitlow, a network marketer of Body By Vi, as well as licensed fineness trainers Joseph and Tina Begley, and local community activist Roderic Hodge who hosted the event. 
Still I Rise is a dynamic and innovative leadership development organization that empowers youth and young adults to create a positive and healthy change in society. This innovative organization provides stimulating programs, seminars and engagements, also educating the citizens in the areas of art, ethics, life skills and entrepreneurship. It also gives the public the tools they need and a voice to make a positive difference in the global environment.
From left to right: Larry Williams, Marlowe Whitlow, Joseph and Tina Begley, Dr. Rodney Alford and Roderic Hodge

Aaron Robinson (Operations Manager) and Tocarra
Eldridge (Executive Director)
“Without the help of the community which includes our volunteers, attendees, sponsors, supporters and board members, this event wouldn’t have come to reality. We would like to thank everyone who supported this heart-warming event,” says Eldridge. Sponsors include Walgreens, Riverside Medical Center, Olive Garden, Applebee’s, McDonald’s, Mancino’s, Jimmy John’s, Kankakee Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Kankakee Natural Foods, Kankakee Community College, JR’s Chicken, Ultra Foods, Impact Fitness, Luconi’s, Kankakee Valley Park District, Riverview Grocery, Coyote Canyon, and Poor Boys.
Still I Rise anticipates having its second “Stop the Violence” event in the month of May (2015), looking to educate and inform the youth about safety and counteracting violence. Join Still I Rise for their 2nd Annual Healthy for the Holidays event next year to have a great time with the community.
To contact Still I Rise or to donate to the organization please call (815) 414-9614, visit or send an email to


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