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Jermaine Hunt Sr Owner of Hunt Services and Consulting Incorporation [Exclusive Interview]

First Black owner of a Business Solution Performance company in America Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson and Tocarra Eldridge   Hunt Services and Consulting, Inc. owner, Jermaine Hunt Sr. stands tall and confident before we took a seat at the table to begin his exclusive interview regarding his unique company. Always a man of integrity and with inspiring, positive things to say when I would see him at work in the community. He is known to put a smile on your face as he continuously shares uplifting words of encouragement and a well-rounded abundance of knowledge to share when it comes to life and business perspectives. Being the first Black-owned business solutions and performance company in America, I can feel Hunt’s gratification and recognizes his success as he begins to share insight of his company with Consciousness Magazine. Aaron Robinson: Can you tell us a little bit about your background? Jermaine Hunt Sr.: I am the CEO, founder and owner of Hunt Services