Ingrid Gray Rose “Her name is her brand”

Ingrid Gray Rose “Her name is her brand”
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

Photo taken by Dallas Logan
Having an entrepreneur spirit since the age of 19, Ingrid Gray Rose has always had the ambition to go after her dreams and to be the successful business woman that she is today. Ingrid was born in Kingston, Jamaica and was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a teenager she had a love for the performing arts such as singing, dancing and modeling.

Ingrid is one of the most hardworking, positive and driving individuals who has come from a talented family. Her name is her brand - INGRID, which means beauty. During the year of 2012 Ingrid worked her way into Plus Size Modeling. Soon after, she would have the opportunity to work with Curves Rock Fashion Week in Baltimore Maryland, Catherine Schuller's Runway The Real Way LLC, and landed on the cover and inside pages of various magazines.

Photo taken by Rick Jones
Ingrid is experienced in Editorial, Runway, Beauty, Voiceover, TV, Acting on screen in Television Commercials and Infomercials. She combined her professional career and her academic background in Business Administration and Promotional Sales & Marketing. She continues to strive for bigger and better things in life. She never settles for less as she is blessed to utilize all of her gifts and talents in hopes of being a blessing to others. In the future she looks to expand her experience further in Commercial Print, Fashion Runway Shows, Acting, Promotional Modeling, as well as the Entertainment and Music Industry where she looks forward to working on perfecting her craft of being a music artist.

I was able to interview Ingrid Gray Rose. Here is what the inspiring, fun and driven Ingrid Gray Rose had to share with Consciousness Magazine.

Aaron Robinson: What was your inspiration in wanting to model?
Ingrid Gray Rose: Basically, I always had that desire since I was like 13 years old. I got involved at a young age and I have some family members who are in the entertainment business. That’s what inspired me to have an attraction for it.

Aaron: What are some of the challenges that you endure as a plus size model?
Ingrid: Honestly, to be honest with you, I haven’t found any challenges yet. If I could say challenges - the different diversity of being accepted in the industry and aspects of its divisions.

Photo taken Nikki Gomez

Aaron: You are also an actor, would you like to tell us a little about that. 
Ingrid: I have been seen on different television commercials such as MTC Realty commercial. I have been an extra in Law In Order and a lead actress in Philly Self Storage. I’m also featured in the upcoming Jamaican Reggae Artist "Monique" music video which will be released very soon. I do voice overs for people, businesses, establishments and hopefully one day Disney.

Aaron: What are some of the most rewarding things to you?
Ingrid: Being able to serve, being able to give my service to people as a talent. People being satisfied with interacting with me and networking with me in the industry. Also, people appreciating my gift, my talent, personality and people appreciating me for who I am and accepting me for being the real me that I am.

Aaron: What are some endeavors that you would like to partake in the future?
Ingrid: Hopefully working on my acting more and getting into music.  I’m looking to work harder in the commercial model industry and really looking to be successful in commercial modeling.

Aaron: What advice would you share with young women looking to be a model or entrepreneur?
Ingrid: If your heart is pulling you to direct, don’t allow anyone or anything to discourage that. [I would say] not to be timid or intimidated by negative comments. Follow your heart and just work hard toward it diligently.

Aaron: Would you like to add anything in closing?
Ingrid: Yes, I’m looking forward to getting with an agency and hopefully looking to land that big contract. I’m looking to getting in with some designers, being a successful model, getting out there and using all my gifts as an actress talent and my musical skills as well. I love music; I want to work on that later down the road. I really need more support from people who can help me achieve my dream. I like to work with people that are like-minded individuals.

Aaron: I really appreciate you pursing the interview.
Ingrid: You are very welcome.

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