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B Howard “Child of the Industry”

B Howard “Child of the Industry” Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor
Rising star B Howard is definitely a music prodigy who has made a transition from an accomplished record producer to a successful recording artist. The talented music mastermind takes his gift global, giving listeners a sound that is unforgettable.

B Howard has come a long way since the age of 6, playing on a shoe box with a pair of drumsticks to having an amazing vocal and dance energy unlike any other artist of today. Inspired by music greats and artist such as Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, the self taught keyboardist knew that it was destined to fulfill his calling as a musician. Artists he has worked with include individuals such as Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and international superstar Kumi Koda just to name a few, while having immense pride in his company, 6 Point Entertainment, with partner Jonnie Forster.

Creating a name for himself outside of his mother Miki Howard, and various media rumors of th…

“Text it, Wreck it” Don’t do it...ITS A NEW TREND!

“Text it, Wreck it” Don’t do it...ITS A NEW TREND! Thanks for supporting our public awareness campaign, “Text it, Wreck it,” as we continue to bring attention to serious road-safety problems in effort to counteract the dangerous practice of texting-while-driving. There are more than 100,000 accidents each a year causing individuals to be injured and in many instances causes death, due to texting and driving- and we care so much that we don’t want you to be in that statistic.

Consciousness Magazine and Allezom International Magazine encourage all of our safety drivers to leave us your email and receive free promotions ( ). Don’t forget to right click, save and share this link and the image below with others via Twitter (@consciousmag) and Facebook (consciousnessmag).

“No text is worth dying. Our goal of this campaign is to prevent accidents,” says Aaron Robinson – Founder/ Editor of Consciousness Magazine. “We thought that this would be…

Mall Manager at Northfield Square Mall Slurs Racist Remarks toward Local Restaurant, Grandma Kat’s

Mall Manager at Northfield Square Mall Slurs Racist Remarks toward Local Restaurant, Grandma Kat’s What makes customers feel welcomed and valued? This is definitely a question that I can easily answer after being a guest multiple times at Grandma Kat’s, auniquerestaurant located in Northfield Square Mall, in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Terry Keigher, owner of Grandma Kat’s ensures that every customer feels like an honored guest, giving genuine, sincere attention to every single individual. My first encounter with Mr. Keigher occurred one day as my mother and I were shopping at Northfield Square Mall. We strolled by Grandma Kat’s and was immediately called out with a warm greeting and invited to a free bowl of Southwestern Soup and a tasty cold glass of Watermelon Lemonade. Not being pressed for time, we accepted his offer. As Mr. Keigher seated us, he was genuinely friendly, authentic, caring and made us feel like we were visiting him at his home, not at his workplace. The soup…

Tito Jackson (Exclusive Interview)

[Above Photos: Prime Minister Odinga, Tito Jackson & Ambassador Dr. Oranga] Tito Jackson: The Man Behind The Love, The Music, and Now The “Ambassador & Honorary Citizen to Kenya!”Featured Exclusive Interview with Tito Jackson by Elder Lee M Harris, Sr. It is very important that we as human beings understand that God has placed every living soul on this earth with a mission and a purpose. Some may feel that someone else’s or even their own reasons for being here are much greater or smaller than another. We sometimes find as we travel the up and down journeys of the world, that a gift or talent as a package deal has the same weight for all of us. A very young talented singing group of five young African American kids from Gary, Indiana, shocked the musical sound waves of the entire world before most kids figured out what they wanted to be in life. In the mid sixties, The Jackson Five, “Jackie, Tito, Jermaine,…

Music…The Heart And Soul of Terrell Carter

Music…The Heart And Soul of Terrell CarterInterviewed and written By Hector De La Rosa @11journ_list

“Music is my life’s passion. It is my first love,” reference the effervescent personality, extraordinary actor, and startling vocalist Terrell Carter.  “I look at entertainment like it is second nature to me.” For some, it takes time to discover their passion, pursue it, and hone their craft.  For Carter, he is a natural, a pro- a star is born.  

Though many artists conform to the standards of the music industry, Mr. Carter is one of few who refuse to compromise his ethics, value, and worth as an artist foremost Child of GOD wishing there were more artists that foster his mentality.  “I do not follow trends.”  He rebuffs the notion of “sounding like [the next] Trey Songz or J. Holiday.”  Preferably, “capture the essence of ‘soul’ that you would get out of the greats like Stevie Wonder and the distinctiveness of Michael Jackson at the height of his career.”  The powerhouse vocalist i…

Servant of Change “An Interview with Hussain Najadi”

Servant of Change “An Interview with Hussain Najadi”

As a leader, Hussain Najadi is no stranger when it comes to overcoming life’s adversities. Seeking the important things in life, the Bahrain native endured many tasks in his home country in which he was ejected as a teenager. He holds his roots closely to his heart, being a spiritual vessel to those who are going through struggles and hardships in their life.

Today, Najadi is the founder, chairman and CEO of AIAK Group, who is responsible for founding the fifth largest bank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, called AmBank. He became the leader in the wholesale and corporate banking in Southeast Asia, creating the Arab-Malaysian Development Bank, linking business between the Middle East, Southeast and Europe.
Hussian Najadi is here to share some insight regarding his recent published book “The Sea and Hills: The Life of Hussain Najadi”, his life struggles, as well as share words of encouragement that will empower the readers. I was honored t…

CeCe Winans

CeCe Winans: Judge of "How Sweet the Sound" (Interview)Elder Harris: CeCe, how are you doing today?
CeCe Winans: I’m good, I’m good! EH: I understand the project you’re doing, “How Sweet the Sound” is something that’s been going on for a while. I would first of all like to talk with you for a moment about your role in this event.
CeCe: I’ve been involved with “How Sweet the Sound” for several years now. The first time they asked me, I was a judge for a few of the shows and I performed and really enjoyed it, as I felt they did it in a first class way.
It was a great chance to give choirs a platform of knowing that it was really the foundation of gospel music and gospel choirs. For the last three years I’ve been hosting / co-hosting with Donald Lawrence and had a great time doing that. This year I’m going back to judging and Yolanda is going to host the event.
EH: It’s my understanding that some of the smaller churches are being invited to this event now as well as the communi…

Tanay Jackson

Tanay Jackson Continues the Jackson's Legacy
Eager, enthused and confident are only a few of the words that describe the natural talented, sexy and energetic Pop recording artist, Tanay Jackson. The strong-minded singer does not settle for less, as she rises to fame in a dominant recording industry. My conversation with the daughter of legendary member of The Jackson Five/The Jackson’s guitarist, Tito Jackson, is unforgettable, as her determination, passion and love for music will leave a special place in the heart of many of her fans and countless people around the world. Excited about the interview with Consciousness Magazine, Tanay exhales as she talks about the hurt she endured over the years from not having her father in her life. While growing up in NY and Maryland with her mother, there were many events that took place in her lifetime that were abnormal; however, Tanay grew to overcome these obstacles. I can hear the forgiveness in her heart while she voices her thoughts.…

How Sweet The Sound

Verizon's How Sweet the Sound Gospel Celebration Come and experience a celebration of a lifetime when Verizon's How Sweet the Sound Gospel Celebration comes to Chicago or a city near you for its fifth awe-inspiring year. Rejoice with local choirs that are competing to represent their city, receiving a chance to advance to the grand finale in New York City to compete for the title as "Best Gospel Choir in America." This platform gives choirs the opportunity to showcase their love for gospel music in front of fans and gospel greats, competing to win for cash and prizes.   Competitors are judged in front of gospel elites, such as Hezekiah Walker, Fred Hammond, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary, CeCe Winans, and VaShawn Mitchell. The returning host for this celebration is Grammy award-winning songwriter, producer, arranger and music producer Donald Lawrence, alongside Grammy award-winning entertainer, producer, author and radio host Yolanda Adams. Verizon’s How Sweet the …

Mr. Marcus

Mr. Marcus: The Interview Interviewed by Hector De La Rosa
Throughout history, African Americans are stereotyped with penalizing depictions that constructed a framework of mental marginalization: irresponsibility, violent tendencies, and criminals, unintelligent, profane, to sexually promiscuous and oversexed. However, I beg to differ with few celebrity encounters including The Man and famous porn star Mr. Marcus who carries himself as responsible, charismatic, respectful, humble, and an intelligent gentleman. Without condoning Mr. Marcus’ lifestyle or hustle, it is a pleasure of meeting someone who did become a statistic to crime and incarceration but a successful entrepreneur, author, foremost a survivor. This article sheds a distinct light of him that holds substance than a typical Q&A explicit content.  Mr. Marcus On…

What peeked his interest in the porn business
I always think about women. It is pretty genuine.

Stereotypes of porn actors/actresses
Some stereotypes a…

Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver: Leading Man of Technology Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge
In 1995, Key Point, New York native, Jeff Pulver became interested in internet telephony. Over the years, Mr. Pulver has been credited for founding Spreadsheet Solutions Corp., while working at a Long Island accounting firm. Later, he became responsible for co-founding the voice over internet protocol that we know as Vonage, while an assistant administrator at Cantor Fitzgerald. Pulver is also known for inventing the CellSocket, which is a device that allow users to receive and make cellular voice calls on a standard or home phone.  Today, Pulver is considered as a leading expert in the technology industry as an internet entrepreneur of streaming audio and video technology, while also being active as the chief executive of Recognized as an accomplished writer, Pulver is the chief writer of the Pulver Order, a publication that was adopted by the Federal Communications Commissions i…