“Text it, Wreck it” Don’t do it...ITS A NEW TREND!

“Text it, Wreck it” Don’t do it...ITS A NEW TREND!

Thanks for supporting our public awareness campaign, “Text it, Wreck it,” as we continue to bring attention to serious road-safety problems in effort to counteract the dangerous practice of texting-while-driving. There are more than 100,000 accidents each a year causing individuals to be injured and in many instances causes death, due to texting and driving- and we care so much that we don’t want you to be in that statistic.

Consciousness Magazine and Allezom International Magazine encourage all of our safety drivers to leave us your email and receive free promotions ( http://consciousnessmagazine.com/textitwreckit ). Don’t forget to right click, save and share this link and the image below with others via Twitter (@consciousmag) and Facebook (consciousnessmag).

“No text is worth dying. Our goal of this campaign is to prevent accidents,” says Aaron Robinson – Founder/ Editor of Consciousness Magazine. “We thought that this would be a good idea to put forth a campaign to spread the word in hopes to counteract texting-while-driving,” says Mozella Robinson of Allezom In’t Magazine.

Next time you think about texting-while-driving, Don’t do it...IT’S A NEW TREND!

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Text it Wreck it

For more information please email us at info@consciousnessmagazine.com or visit http://consciousnessmagazine.com/textitwreckit


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