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Spreading Health Awareness and Wealth

Marlowe Whitlow “Spreading Health Awareness and Wealth”
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

When it comes to living a better and more enhanced quality life, there are some individuals who put in the hard work and rise to a certain pinnacle to witness the positive results in their life; while there are others who will procrastinate and make excuses, never putting forth the actions to fulfill their goals. Having the willpower, working diligently and persistent, and furthermore having the ambition to reach his goals are only a few of the attributes that Marlowe Whitlow accomplished to live a healthier lifestyle.
I was able to catch up with the motivated Whitlow - a believer, an achiever, a man of charisma and wit, who was determined to turn his life around. Here is what he shared with the Consciousness Magazine readers. Aaron Robinson: Once being overweight, what was your greatest challenge that you overcame to lose weight? Marlowe Whitlow: Well it was first accepting there was…

Alexander Martin: Radio Host & Inventor

Alexander Martin: Radio Host & Inventor Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

For over a decade, Alexander Martin, who is a known-well designer and inventor has invented several products that are sold worldwide. Alexander Martin is also a talented individual who operates Martin Christian Radio, as well as the Non Profit radio station Love Life Community Radio 107.9FM The People Station, located in Decatur Illinois. The radio station often gives assistance, helping inventors and providing them with valuable informational tips regards to inventing. Throughout the week a variety of programs are offered to the listeners for their listening pleasure while all gospel music is played on Sunday.

With the extraordinary gifts and talents Mr. Martin possess, he took account of his blessings combining his ministry of God and his passion for helping people all into one, allowing him to give back to inventors, designers and artist.

I recently interviewed Mr. Martin regarding his invent…

Consequence Interview

“It’s The Cons,” an Interview with Consequence
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

Recently, I (Consciousness Magazine) was granted the opportunity to speak with Rapper, Songwriter, and TV Personality Consequence. Cons has worked with artist such as Kanye West, John Legend and one of the most influential hip hop groups of our time, A Tribe Called Quest, just to name a few. In 2007, Cons released the studio album Don’t Quit Your Day Job and a host of Mixtapes such as Take ‘Em To The Cleaners, Movies on Demand (volume I, II, III and IV) and Curb Certified (volume Iand II). Here is what Cons shared with the readers regarding his latest projects “Bottle Girls” featuring Charisse Mills & Company of Greatness, as well as shares valuable information relevant to the music business.

Aaron Robinson: Hey Consequence, how are you doing?
Cons: Good! How you doing man?

Aaron: I just want to thank you for doing this interview with us!
Cons: It’s all good! I much appreciate it. It’s n…

Tony J Selimi: A Path to Wisdom

Tony J Selimi: A Path to Wisdom

I believe we are all born equal. With love we can heal and get back to our natural state of balance. With the right nurturing, support and the right environment no matter what circumstances or experiences people may have gone through, people can turn their life around, grow and reach higher states of being.” –Tony J Selimi
When Tony J Selimimade a giant leap of faithto turnhis life around, he would develop a passiontohelp people reach their life abilities as he gradually became a successful Elite Life Coach.During his early life, he studiedElectrical Engineering with Management. After graduating from UCL, he spent12 years building a very successful IT career working in various senior IT roles, boththeprivate and public sector. Later, he began to spendhis free time learning aboutvarious western disciplinessuch as Life Coaching, NLP and CBT, as well as learned and practicedmany Eastern philosophies,such asBuddhism, kabbalah, metaphysics, spirituality, phil…

Magnedo7 interview

Grammy Award-winning Producer, Magnedo7
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor Recently, when I interviewed Grammy Award-winning producer Magnedo7, it was as if I’d reunited with a friend that I hadn’t spoke to in ages. In other words, he was down-to-earth, true to himself when it comes to his craft for producing and making records. Magnedo7 began his music journey at a young age, where he developed an interest for writing and producing. Later, he would take his gift and passion for music production to another level, forming Gospel and Hip Hop groups. His inspiration came from listening to legendary artists such as Prince and Quincy Jones, and from listening to various genres of music during his upbringing. “A lot of my inspiration came from older guys. I definitely look up to the Pharrell’s, the Timberland’s and the Dr Dre’s of this newer generation,” says the brilliant producer who has also been successful for producing pop, rock, and R&B music. Over the course of Mag…