Tony J Selimi: A Path to Wisdom

Tony J Selimi: A Path to Wisdom

I believe we are all born equal. With love we can heal and get back to our natural state of balance. With the right nurturing, support and the right environment no matter what circumstances or experiences people may have gone through, people can turn their life around, grow and reach higher states of being.” –Tony J Selimi
When Tony J Selimi made a giant leap of faith to turn his life around, he would develop a passion to help people reach their life abilities as he gradually became a successful Elite Life Coach. During his early life, he studied Electrical Engineering with Management. After graduating from UCL, he spent 12 years building a very successful IT career working in various senior IT roles, both the private and public sector. Later, he began to spend his free time learning about various western disciplines such as Life Coaching, NLP and CBT, as well as learned and practiced many Eastern philosophies, such as Buddhism, kabbalah, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy and meditation.  
As his personal experience evolved, he would eventually transform into a new person, naturally gravitating towards working with people who were seeking the answers to life's biggest question, who am I? When leaving the corporate world, Selimi will later use his knowledge and skills in hopes of helping people gain control of their life rather than allowing a medical, mental or emotional condition control their being.
Here is some valuable and powerful information Tony J Selini shared with the Consciousness Magazine readers:
Aaron Robinson: What was your inspiration behind becoming a Life Coach?
Tony J Selimi: At the age of 20, due to the atrocities of the civil war in former Yugoslavia during which I lost family and friends, I was forced to flee to safety. I ended up homeless in the streets of London. Eventually, I met people who helped me get my life back on track. I found a job and then I devoted the next 9 years of my life working 7 days a week to educate myself. In the process, I learned many tools and techniques that helped me heal and overcome many emotional, mental and physical challenges.

Aaron: When did you realize that you wanted to empower people?
Tony: Since I can remember, I’ve always had a passion to help people who were sick or were facing mental, physical or emotional problems. At the age of 10 I suffered from severe pneumonia, had a heart murmur and other immune related illnesses. I spent two years in the hospital, six months of which I was unconscious. During this time I observed many ill people. I became curious as to why some people healed and others didn’t. Why an old man who has never been to a medical school helped me heal, whilst the doctors gave up on me? I saw many visions during the time I was unconscious. I saw the pain people had when losing their loved ones and I prayed to God to give me some sort of instruction manual I can read so that I can help those who suffer. I used to dream of becoming a heart doctor and helping save people’s lives.

Having overcome many life challenges I now have the tools that I learned over the many years to help people get to the root cause of their problems, dissolve their emotions and set them free to live an inspired life. My friends always told me that I always inspired them, helped them feel good about themselves and that I would make an excellent life coach.

Aaron: You recently released your book “A Path to Wisdom”. What was the motivation behind writing it?
Tony: When I was young, I used various manuals and books to learn to repair TV's, Radios and other house hold items. During my hospital days I observed many sick people. I often had conversations with God and asked Him to give me a manual that I can use to help people heal, live longer and reunite them with their loved ones. This feeling to help people love, heal and empower to live in peace never left me. I went through five major breakdowns that destabilized my emotional, mental, physical and my spiritual life. This for sure pushed me to seek the best teachers, healers and coaches to help me find solutions to my life's challenges. I learned a lot of tools, gathered a lot of knowledge and created five major breakthroughs that helped me heal, align my life to my purpose and childhood dreams. I wanted to create a manual that will help people take control of their life, awaken them from living a life on snooze and help them become masters of their destiny. A Path to Wisdom is that manual, it is my contribution towards helping people heal, reconnect to the infinite wisdom of love and discover how to become the change they want to see in the world.

Aaron: What practical information do you think your readers will keep with them for the rest of their life after reading “A Path to Wisdom”?
Tony: The book takes the reeder on a deeper exploration of self. It helps them identify the obstacles they may be facing in the eight key areas of life: mental, physical, emotional, financial, relationship, spiritual, love and career. Through answering a series of questions and learning how to use TJS Evolutionary method: The ALARM, the reader creates an inventory of their body and where they are in life, the challenges they face and use the method to release deep rooted fears and step out of the self made prison into a new found freedom in which they too start to live an inspired life.

They will go through a five step process that helps them come to a state of awareness in which they take ownership and truly acknowledge who they are and open their hearts to love. Being loving towards themselves becomes their default way of being, creating the clarity they require to achieve the results they want, and develop a growth mindset that is needed to be creating the miracles they desire. As they embody the learnings that come through following this process, they start experiencing permanent shifts that helps them create inner peace, balance and live a healthy life.

Aaron: As a speaker or healer, what advice would/do you share with individuals or your clients in hopes for them to live a joyful, healthier and prosperous life?
Tony: The faster you learn how to dance with your fears, the faster you can grow and have more time to live a joyful, healthier and prosperous life. All that you require to dissolve volitile emotions, be healthier and live a prosperous life is insde of you. As you learn to shut down the noise you start more and more to become present. As you do so you start to experience life through the infinite wisdom of love - being joyful, healthier and prosperous becomes your default way of being.

Aaron: Tony, did you ever have an unjust event that occurred in your life that you thought that you would never overcome? If so, how did you overcome it?
Tony: I have had many such events. One that changed me forever was the civil war in former Yugoslavia. I never knew if I would wake up to see another day. The way I survived was by being extremely aware, alert and for each moment in time, I used my intuition to guide me. I also prayed, had comrades who were trustworthy and learned to overcome the greatest fear I had, fear of death.

Aaron: For those individuals who are having challenges to get to the next level in their life, what is one of the first things that you would recommend to them in order for them to elevate to that next level?
Tony: To surrender in the process, trust their own intuition and use their built in ALARM to safely navigate through times of turbulence and reach higher states of awareness. Just like any top performer, if you want to succeed invest in yourself and get yourself a mentor, life coach, or a spiritual healer who has successfully achieved what you want to achieve and has an in depth knowledge in the areas you want to develop. If you want to go fast in life, you go alone, though if you want to go far then you need someone you can trust, who is capable and committed.

Aaron: Would you like to add anything to the interview that we didn’t cover before we close?
Tony: In each moment in time, people have the chance to rewrite their life story. You did not come here with a set purpose, you came here with a free will to create your purpose that is aligned to your personal desires and values you have. If you want to change your life, get clear on the fears that keep you stuck and learn your highest values that determine your choices and make your daily actions aligned to your highest values and see your purpose unfold like a sunflower does towards the sun.


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