Magnedo7 interview

Grammy Award-winning Producer, Magnedo7
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor
Recently, when I interviewed Grammy Award-winning producer Magnedo7, it was as if I’d reunited with a friend that I hadn’t spoke to in ages. In other words, he was down-to-earth, true to himself when it comes to his craft for producing and making records.
Magnedo7 began his music journey at a young age, where he developed an interest for writing and producing. Later, he would take his gift and passion for music production to another level, forming Gospel and Hip Hop groups. His inspiration came from listening to legendary artists such as Prince and Quincy Jones, and from listening to various genres of music during his upbringing. “A lot of my inspiration came from older guys. I definitely look up to the Pharrell’s, the Timberland’s and the Dr Dre’s of this newer generation,” says the brilliant producer who has also been successful for producing pop, rock, and R&B music.
Over the course of Magnedo7’s career, he has been fortunate to work with artist such as Eminem, Havoc,  Jim Jones, Bonecrusher, 50 Cent, Royce Da 5’9”, Twista, and Camp Lo, just to name several. Magndo7 has recently worked and collaborated with Zuher Khan, a young film producer on the soundtrack for his new film “Three Holes, Two Brads & A Smoking Gun." The exceptional producer explains what it was like for him to work on the project. “[Working with Zuher] was really cool! He reached out to me when I was already in a creative state. The music that I already started to record was perfect; he was like ‘okay, wow!’ I love the guy’s drive! That’s the one thing I like to do with everybody before I look at any of their products and/or anything that somebody says about them - I have to like the person and I have to like their drive. And he got it,” excitedly says Magnedo7 who is also working on another future project with Khan called “Redemption.”
Magnedo7 is definitely one of the hardest working men in the music industry. He currently works with the legendary rapper and film producer Ice Cube, where he’s produced numerous tracks for his recent album “Everything’s Corrupted”, and is also working on production for Cube’s up and coming NWA movie “Straight Outta Compton.” He speaks more about his recent endeavors. “A couple of things are going on with a guy from Grand Hustle, Young Booke. He’s a guy from Atlanta. That young guy has so much drive. I’m definitely working with my wife (Shameia LaCrawf) on a couple of things. We’re working on an album. I have a few records with Kevin Gates, signed to Atlantic Records. RL from Next, we have a whole lot of records together. Those are fresh projects that come to mind,” excitedly says Magnedo7 who diligently and persistently continues creating.
The phenomenal producer speaks about one of the most interesting artists that he has worked with. “I’d say the most by far is definitely 50 Cent. I would say the first time I went in [the studio] on behalf of producing for an artist by the name of Hot Rod - 50, he already had like a 5 year plan for my career the first time I met him. It gave me insight of how he turned out to be ahead of the curve. If you try to act before the curve gets there it’s too late. If you act before hand and have the plan out, that’s when everything runs smoother. He had these 70’s songs and 60’s songs on memory recall. It did a lot for me as far as making sure I stay well-rounded. I don’t do random music and [I don’t] try to follow the trend; I don’t do that,” expresses Magnedo7.
The talented producer shares aspiring advice to producers and those individuals who are seeking to work in the music industry. “Make sure that you stay true to whatever the sound is you’re trying to introduce to the masses. When you start attracting the labels, labels try to make you one dimensional. Have a goal in mind.” Magnedo7 gives an example of a business analogy when it comes to the music industry. “For instance, a lot of producers will get in, especially now like the 16, 17, and 18 year old guys. The label throws them 30,000 or 40,000 dollars for a six song deal. Well, a six song deal is actually a 12 song deal because you’re only going to get 50 percent of a record; you’re not getting 100 percent. The main thing to do is to get educated on the business. Know who you’re working with. Know who you’re sending your music out to. You have to be relevant as far as the catchiness of your record. It always changes. Always be aware of what’s going on around you, but don’t transform to it.”
Outside of producing, during our conversation, I can hear the urgency in Magnedo7’s voice in regards to wanting to share his gift of creativity with the youth, in hopes that they become successful and not neglect their passions, gifts and interests. Unfortunately, many teachers and adults overlook the natural gifts of our youth. To counteract that, he finds it in his heart of wanting to give back with his newly developing foundation We Want Fall Foundation. “It’s more so for the middle school and high school kids, where we help them in the area of arts, as far as starting to know how an internship works and teaching them [how to use] various types of software. You need internships before walking into anyone’s label because they're not going to respect you. My wife and I both have degrees in music…like practical studies. We want to make sure that the kids are well-rounded and that they just don’t aim to be a producer, rapper or a singer.” Magnedo7 lists various music professions that the youth can pursue. “You have a publicist, you have managers, and you have A&R’s. You have so many other jobs to pick from,” informally articulates Magnedo7, as we end our conversation.
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