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DJ-I.C. Dre “Regaining & Rebuilding” Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson- Editor

Kankakee, Illinois native DJ-I.C. Dre is not your typical DJ, as he has built an amazing archive DJing for some of the biggest music artist around the world. Inspired by many of the greats at a young age, he set out his goal, believing in his gift to reach a level of success in his career that was unthought of. Unfortunately, life took its toll, allowing the well-known DJ to go down an unfriendly path. Moreover, the pioneer regained his momentum as he was able to bounce back in the game, continuing to be one of the most outstanding DJ’s on the music scene.

I was able to catch up with Andre “DJ-I.C. Dre” Gray to speak about his ambition, determination and inspiration of becoming a DJ. Here is what he had to share.

Aaron Robinson: For those who don’t know, what sparked your interest of wanting to DJ?
DJ-I.C. Dre: I use to watch rap videos all the time and I was just amazed at what they were doing. A c…

Chris MJohnson of Prime Supreme

Chris M. Johnson a.k.a. Powerlord CJD [Prime Supreme 30th Anniversary] Written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

Spending his summers at his grandfather’s house in Jersey City during the late 70’s, as well as visiting downtown New York as a youth, Kankakee, Illinois native, Chris M. Johnson a.k.a. Powerlord CJD of the hip hop group Prime Supreme would enter into an emerging hip hop community.

Johnson takes the Consciousness Magazine readers down a remarkable past journey revealing how he and his fellow members of Prime Supreme contributed to hip hop in the Midwest. Moreover, life would change for the youthful MC as he would take a liking to his favorite rapper Run, who makes up half of the mega hip hop group Run DMC. “I wanted some initials similar to theirs so I took my name and made an acronym for it. The title Powerdlord was a rhyme I wrote in the 9th grade which constitutes the year ‘82 or ‘83. They [my peers] would call me Powerlord for the rhymes I wrote. I read revelation out of the bibl…

Scooter Christensen of the Harlem Globetrotters

Scooter Christensen: The Ambassador of Goodwill Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

For many decades, Harlem Globetrotters has been known to entertain and put a smile on the faces of children and adults across the world, guaranteed to make you cry tears of laughter. Whether watching a performance at an arena or at home on your television, the electrifying organization continues to make a positive difference in the lives of many.

I had the opportunity to interview Scooter Christensen of the Harlem Globetrotters, who is known for having an unbeatable record for spinning the ball on his nose and for bringing laughter and fun to his teammates, fans and viewers. Blessed to be a part of the classical team, here is what the 6’ 1”guard had to share with the readers during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine.

Aaron Robinson: What has your experience been like being on the Harlem Globetrotters roster?
Scooter Christensen: Ah man, it’s been absolutely amazing! You know I’ve…

UNICEF’s Newest Goodwill Ambassador, Katy Perry

UNICEF’s Newest Goodwill Ambassador, Katy Perry Written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

“I’m very excited to take on this responsibility and this role to be able to take all the intentions that I have and the spotlight that I have and shine it on the children that need to be illuminated, and highlighted and saved and helped,” says global pop superstar Katy Perry who spoke about her role as being appointed to UNICEF’s newest Goodwill Ambassador during a recent interview.

The iconic figure has made it her prerogative to lend a voice to children and young people around the worlds as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador in hopes that children and adolescence can have a better future. Some time ago, Katy Perry visited Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world with UNICEF, an origination that has a presence in 190 countries, focusing special efforts on reaching the most vulnerable including children affected by violence, abuse, as well as neglected and living in severe poverty. She speaks about…

I AM A MAN journal

I AM A MAN journal
Princeton Architectural Press' Paper + Goods line has released its new journals and stationery products that are available in various colors and design. Some of the journals include titles such as I Am A Man, art by Glenn Ligon, which title is based on a historic phrase that was used as historic placards in 1968 by African American sanitation workers whoever striking, as it makes a statement to the modern world. It includes 144 pages. Other releases include Grids & Guides journal ("A notebook for visual thinkers"), I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face, a set of notecards by artist Stephen Powers who painted expressions of encouragement and devotion for loved ones near and far-flung, and What Did I Eat Today?, which is a food journal by Kate Bingaman-Burt created for lovers of all things edible. It is packed with charming illustrations that help individuals explore their passion for foods in surprising ways.

Purchase your items today and enjoy …

Nile Livingston QA

Nile Livingston's Q&A

Q. When did you realize that you had the gift or calling to produce such amazing work? A. Growing up, I tried various forms of expression; however I was not good at acting, dance, or playing the violin. I doodled in notebooks at every chance and decided to focus on visual arts in high school. I soon realized that within visual arts, there's no limit to the amount of media I can use to create. I fell in love with computer graphics, ceramics, painting and drawing classes. Music and performance still made its way into my work. I made videos documenting my process. It’s not really about producing amazing artwork; it’s about developing a skill. I’m not sure if my work is amazing, but I realized that it’s a safe enough world for bad ideas, and I enjoy being able to put them out there.

Q. What was your inspiration to creating the Nelson Mandela Pieces?
A. My artworks are something like public diary entries; each installation reflects upon an evolving story of wh…

Tanna Frederick

The Courageous & Amazing Tanna Frederick Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor
Photo By Rose CefaluI

Recently wrapping up production for Henry Jaglom’s romantic mystery “Ovation,” I was fortunate to catch with to actress and philanthropist Tanna Frederick for a second interview in regards to her recent endeavors. The talented actress briefly speaks about her role in Ovation. “Ovation is the third installment of a trilogy that we have really begun as our current film “Hollywood Dream”. It’s about a woman who comes out from Iowa to be a movie star. And we continue that on with “Queen of the Lot”, same character, and she has become sort of a B-list action star. She became involved with this very old Hollywood family structure. Now “Ovation” is the same character- the third movie, where she is pursuing stake. She is kind of burning out on the superficiality town because of all the crazy disillusions that she has. So, she is doing theater really trying to get back into the r…


YOU SAY YOU WANT A RESOLUTIONBy Eric Plaut Happy 2014!We’re already six weeks into the New Year.Due to this, I decided to forgo the usual formalities we say on January first.Hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays with family, friends and the usual good tidings.

As I write this editorial during the week of February ninth, I realize a couple of milestones have occurred in the music world.The Doors’ keyboardist Ray Manzarek would’ve celebrated his 75th birthday on February 12th.And the Beatles commemorate 50 years since the “British Invasion” landed in New York City.To celebrate their golden anniversary, I will tie in the Beatles’ song Revolution to this article.(I will write another article about the Fab Four’s 50th anniversary.And I’ve already posted an online tribute to Ray Manzarek a few months ago.)

It seems that we all know someone who makes an annual New Year’s resolution.The old year is slowly fading away, and people briefly recollect what happened during the last 360 or so calenda…

Anotha Me

Pop’s newest sensation, 'Anotha Me' is breaking barriers and filling music’s void By Abesi ManyandoPop, Rock n B’ will be the driving force behind the return of the youthful innocence that's missing in today's music and life,” says Kourtney and Kiara, better known as the rising singing/songwriting duo, Anotha Me.

Born in Harlem, the 17-year-old sister duo’s soulful, poppy and edgy sound serves as a platform to voice the viewpoints of the adolescent generation by creating songs addressing teen issues, such as peer pressure, self-image, fun and love.

Anotha Me’s self-described “Pop, Rock n B” sound infuses Pop and R&B, but it’s more than just a sound. "Pop, Rock, n B” describes Anotha Me's conflicting personalities, which makes the group more exciting and relatable to the everyday music enthusiasts. Kourtney has a rich sultry raspy tone and the assertive, rock star personality, while Kiara has a pretty falsetto tone and the edginess of a pop diva.

Performing on…

Felicia Douglas, CEO of The Legacy Group

Felicia Douglas, CEO of The Legacy Group: Tips for Building, Enhancing and Preserving Wealth
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

Felicia Douglas is the CEO of The Legacy Group, a full-service financial institution that focuses on serving the community by offering expertise when it comes to Estate, Retirement, Financial Planning, Medicare/Medicaid Benefits, all lines of insurance, and 401K/IRA Rollovers. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, the registered Financial Consultant and Insurance Professional have gained clients throughout the Southeast region. Douglas has also been involved in many community outreach programs, having the opportunity to empower individuals about regarding their finances. Here is what she shared with the readers in regards to savings, retirement and much more.
Inspiration to Starting The Legacy Group
I have been with the law firm for over ten years. And I saw a lot of people coming in where proper planning was not in place and it ended up costing …

Babyface Interview

A Talk with BabyfaceInterviewed and written by Dr. Shanessa Fenner I can now check off interviewing Babyface on my bucket list for 2014. I had the ultimate experience and pleasure of interviewing the talented songwriter, singer, and producer about the release of the much anticipated album with Toni Braxton. Now if I can only get him to be my songwriting mentor.

SF: What should listeners expect from the album Love, Marriage & Divorce on February 4? BF: More than anything we just tried to put some music together that tells a story of relationships but to really feel good and I really concentrated on people being happy and caring. I just love Toni’s voice so much. It’s just nice to hear an album with her voice. SF: What message will the album convey?What is your favorite song on the album and why? BF: The album we put together was a combination of our ideas of what we both went through which were love, marriage, divorce, and the emotions that you build. Toni was more on the divorce part a…