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Ed Asner

Legendary actor and activist Ed Asner Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson- Editor

I’d be very bored with myself if I didn’t get to occasionally do some acting. And I’m not good for anything else; if I’m not good for anything else then they might as well put me in the box,” says the legendary actor Ed Asner during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine. At the age of 83 and being full of integrity and enthusiasm, the successful actor continues to work and build an impressive everlasting catalog, leaving a significant impression in the film and television industry unlike any other entertainer in history.
Asner is currently touring the country in a one man show called FDR where he plays the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. I was asked if I’d like to do it as a reading, so I said ‘sure’. It went over okay. I was later told that maybe we can take this out on the road, as a one man show. So I said ‘we’ll try it’. I wanted to see what …

Souls of Mischief

Souls of Mischief [Exclusive Interview] Interviewed and written by Hector De La Rosa, twitter: @11journ_list

The Souls of Mischief embarked on their international tour in ode and celebration of their 20th Anniversary of their debut ’93 Til Infinity.Group members A-Plus and Phesto nostalgically recall the recording process and all things endured when making such a classic album. They drop knowledge and shared their stories viewed very entertaining.

Hector De La Rosa: How was the classic ’93 Til Infinity album uniquely different from other classic albums that dropped in 1993?
A-Plus: I think it was different because we as a group were coming from the Bay Area when West Coast was at its prime in hip-hop history. It was at a time in the music industry I view as the ‘gold rush.’ Record companies were looking for West Coast hip-hop acts after the success of Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg. When one thinks of West Coast one associates it to gangsta rap. It feels very good that we sto…


Zo [Exclusive Interview] Interviewed and written by Hector De La Rosa, twitter: @11journ_list

Foreign Exchange member and Detroit native Zo! is considered ‘half man half amazing’ - the amalgamation of dope music and high energy. His richly composed and multi-layered instrumentals considered artistically pleasing gives him uniqueness to a genre drowned with cluttered misogynistic messages and not enough substance and love making. Zo’s! is the very instrument to the science of eclectic improvisation and instrumentalism. Hector De La Rosa writes.

Hector De La Rosa: What is Zo’s! definition of consciousness?
Zo!: Consciousness is knowledge within itself. It is knowledge accessible to the masses in this digital age. Consciousness is an important lifestyle that I lead.
HD: How is Zo! unique from his producer counterparts?
Zo!: I approach producing and crafting records according to texture or a certain feel. I ask myself, ‘how would this feel if I incorporate a certain adlib…

Elisabeth Röhm Community Efforts

Elisabeth Röhm Community Efforts Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge

Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview actress, humanitarian and author Elisabeth Röhm in regards to her extensive support of the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Foundation and her ongoing community efforts. Elisabeth Röhm is known for her roles as Taylor on The Client List, Serena on Law & Order and Kate on Angel. At the beginning of the year she released her book about her journey to motherhood called Babysteps: A Journey to Motherhood Through IVF. In her recent effort of supporting Therafit Footwear (which is a new line that produces comfortable and stylish sneakers), for every purchase of their red athletic sneaker, Therafit Footwear will make a $20 donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Foundation. The shoe line is also offering a $20 discount to its customers. Here is what Elisabeth Röhm had to share with the readers. Tocarra Eldridge: How did you get involved with Therafit Footwea…

Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley “The King of Hollywood South” Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor
Photo credit Colin Su

Considered to be the “King of Hollywood South”, Michael Beasley continues to not only make a name for himself in the film/television industry but also continues to use his acting gift to rise to rewarding levels in the industry. Within the last 5 years, the talented actor has worked on more than 35 films and television projects. He is set to star on the HBO series Eastbound & Down and he has a role in the up-coming film Last Vegas. His recent films include 2Guns and Flight and the Sci-fi film The Bay, just to name a few. In the near future Beasley will also appear in a couple of seasons of the third episodes of Single Ladies.
Here is what one of the hardest working actors in show business shared during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine. Aaron Robinson: You’re known as “The King of Hollywood South”. How did this title derive? Michael Beasley: It derived when…

Cast of Bitter Party of Five (Interview)

Cast of Bitter Party of Five (Interview) Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

During a very hot evening in California, several enthused actors are diligently putting in work as usual, filming the web series of “Bitter Party of Five”. Prior, this year, the web series transpired from the pilot “Downwardly Mobile”, a series that was set to originally reunite Roseanne Barr and John Goodman, however it wasn’t picked up by NBC. Nonetheless, the five actors developed an amazing friendship leading them to continue to work together and create the webisodes “Bitter Party of Five” that are posted to Youtube.
I (Consciousness Magazine) was given the opportunity to interview the talented actors, Mary Birdsong, Romy Rosemont, Tricia O'Kelley, Greg Cromer and Jason Antoon regarding their motivation to pursue the webisodes series and much more. Here is what they had to share with the readers.
Aaron Robinson: What is the chemistry or experience like working with such an amazing cast of t…

Roz Ryan A Phenomenal Woman

Roz Ryan: A Phenomenal Woman Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge

There are plenty of ordinary actresses, even ones with storied careers who you may have never actually seen on the big screen, but Roz Ryan, one of TV’s most adored icons certainly does not fit into this category. The veteran actress has built a 40+ year career, having the sort of consecutive television series run that most actresses can only dream of. Roz is a true multi-tasker, wearing multiple hats as an actress, singer, comedian and marvelous Broadway performer. For someone so gorgeous, this multi-faceted phenomenal talent is as relentless and tenacious as they come.How Roz is best known depends on which segment of her long lived career that you might like to recall. Some remember her for her role as Amelia Hetebrink on the classic NBC sitcom “Amen”, some see her as she exceptionally performs in Broadway musicals, and some simply love her delivery of irreplaceable wittiness and humor. 
When looking to cast the r…

Jay Lil JJ Lewis

Young & Talented Comedian/Actor Jay “Lil JJ” Lewis Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge

Multi-talented superstar Jay “Lil JJ” Lewis began his career at the young age of 13, annihilating adult comics as he successfully won BET’s comedy talent search competition “Coming to the Stage”. Though still a teenager, he picked up gigs at world renowned comedy venues, sharing the stage with many comedy greats. His powerful stage presence captivated more than just miniature audiences. I had the opportunity to follow Lil JJ throughout his career. While viewing his own Nickelodeon television series Just Jordan, I witnessed Lil JJ showcase his extraordinary abilities, starring in a well-balanced show containing humor, morals and a great plot teaching respect and responsibility. Having such a tremendous presence and charisma at such a young age, there was no doubt that this young talent would have continued success.

Lil JJ is a successful multi-faceted entertainer: stand-up comedian, musici…