Dr Holly Carter Merge Summit

Merge Summit founder and chair, Dr. Holly Carter
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor
“This year, people will have the opportunity to interact with more working actors, more celebrity actors who are also believers that [had the opportunity to] tell their stories,” expresses Dr. Holly Carter, The Merge Summit founder and chair who pursued another exhilarating and successful three day annual event.
This Weekend-long program featured top entertainers and industry executives such as Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, Omari Hardwick, Emil Wilbekin, Meagan Good, and the list goes on. “All these different guys [were] open in terms of sharing their faith and encouraging other inspiring creative people to believe in God, believe in themselves and the opportunities that are awaken,” says Dr. Holly Carter.
The vision of the Merge Summit was to create a community where the sacred and the secular are integrated to impact the marketplace with messages of inspiration that uplift the community. Dr. Holly Carter’s inspiration to creating The Merge Summit was to provide a platform to women and men of faith who were gifted, but had no access to get their gift out. She speaks about her vision. “The vision was just based on the overall purpose that was given to me to merge secular with sacred and provide opportunity for believers to do there gift by their gift, [as well as] impact entertainment for television, film, media and music. That vision goes back to what I’ve been called to do, which is to evangelize with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Carter is the founder of Relevé Entertainment, where her company packages, produces and distributes family and faith-based projects. Over the course of her career, she has been successful in talent management, as well as a television, film and as an interactive media producer. As a successful guru of business entertainment she shares some remarkable advice and inspiration with individuals in hopes that they will make a positive contribution to society. “Always have a great team around you. You meet people who will celebrate you; you meet people who will rebuke you; you meet people who will pray for you; you will also meet people who will help elevate you. So that means you [have to] know your craft and make sure what you’re offering is special…unique and more than anything anointed for service.”
The Merge Summit was available for all ages. The event took place August 22-24 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. For those who have never attended, next year “they can expect music, great sessions and amazing network opportunities. They can expect to get some great information and meet some great people. This [event is about having a] weekend of empowerment, a weekend of inspiration and a weekend of entertainment and education,” thrillingly says Dr. Holly Carter.
For more information on The Merge Summit visit http://www.themergesummit.com


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