Ugo Lord Believe it Live it Dream it

Ugo Lord “Believe it, Live it, Dream it”
Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge
“If I can believe in myself to a point that pushes me and motivates me to overcome my issues, then I should do everything I can to try to push and motivate others so that they can overcome the issues they’re having in their life,” sincerely articulates Ugo Lord, Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/TV Host of The Ugo Lord Show. Ugo’s phenomenal online show undertakes the initiative to uplift and inspire thousands of young adults across the world, continuously reminding individuals to always believe in themselves, as well as the importance of living a better and more productive life.
As an undergrad in law school, Ugo Lord has always had a passion for television production. He was involved with a show titled Standing Out, as a TV host, which provided adults with a political voice. After some time, his mentor would influence him to grab a camera and start his own show which is on the lines of motivating others, inspiring them to believe in themselves unapologetically. “I said you know what, it doesn’t hurt. Why don’t I grab a camera and try. Even though it’s a small production, it’s still a production that I’m proud of - because of the message and the massive amount of people that it impacts. Young adults are my world, high school and college students are my entire world, as well as the individuals who follow us on Twitter and those who email me every single day,” excitedly says Ugo with high spirits concerning a show that he produces pro-bono. His goal is to turn The Ugo Lord Show into a larger show and then into a movement that will continue to help young adults across the world. “For me, it’s not about the money! I’m doing it for the purpose of the message - believing in yourself and having the confidence to follow your dreams.”
Being in the skin of Ugo Lord wasn’t always an easy task as he sought out on his life journey. Having serious self-esteem issues in high school, not wanting to attend school due to students teasing him about the way he talked, and being deserted by his prom date were all very challenging obstacles for Ugo to overcome. Eventually, he would find a way to conquer his self-esteem issues after experiencing an abundance of mental abuse. “I had to change schools. I had an older brother and an older cousin on the basketball team; they were popular and as a result the whole school knew me. I was different. I was this black kid from Ohio who talked funny, had an accent, and who everyone thought was gay, etcetera, etcetera. It was extraordinarily difficult for me. I didn’t have friends. If it wasn’t for my family, I would not have made it.”
While dealing with self-esteem issues, Ugo would make himself a promise to believe in himself by creating a formula to success. Nonetheless, it was a challenge to believe. Moreover, day by day, he would start to believe it, live it, and dream it. “It’s so interesting regarding how much control we have over how we feel. It’s so easy to think other people can control how we feel. It wasn’t until I completely changed my mindset and said I believe in myself.” Ugo continues. “As I went through my junior and senior year of high school, by time I graduated, I was already a sophomore in college. I was like ‘wow, this is possible; this is a pinnacle’ and it happened! My life completely changed. In fact, I used to constantly motivate myself to go to school, become an attorney, and create a business. It led me to where I am today,” happily expresses the 23 year old.
As an advocate for self-empowerment, when it comes to giving advice, the talented host regularly covers controversial topics such as peer-presser, drug abuse and alcohol abuse. “So many people in high school today are really afraid to say no; they don’t want to be looked at as the individual who is not ‘quote unquote’ cool. When you are young your main goal is fitting in. The reason why I like to cover drug abuse, alcohol abuse and peer-pressure is to make people aware of a very simple way that’ll prevent them from being stuck in a position where they may later have serious regrets. Instead of saying no, which I know is difficult, you can always blame it on someone else.” Ugo gives several great examples, “someone says ‘Ugo can you try these drugs with me?’ And I say ‘no, because I am tested for drugs at school or I can’t because if my brother finds out he would kill me. Or, I can’t because my parents are very strict and they are always checking my belongings,’” wisely and knowledgeably says Ugo, encouraging individuals who encounter these uncomfortable situations, in hopes that they do not go down the wrong path.
“I always tell the young adults at the various schools that I visit, ‘regardless of what is happening in your life - not concerning those things that you are not in control of, like family issues, your parents getting a divorce, etcetera, etcetera - you can only be affected by something in your life if you allow yourself to be affected by it. Express, realize and understand that you are in complete and total control of your happiness, and that you have the key to the ultimate power of success and happiness.’”
Passionately, Ugo gives his vision regarding what he anticipates The Ugo Lord Show to accomplish several years from now. “The Ugo Lord Show is not about Ugo Lord, it’s about the viewers who watch it. Five years from now, I wish the viewers who are with me now will continue to watch, continue to grow with me, continue to connect with me, and continue to spread the message as we go down this journey. If people can believe in themselves enough to realize it works, then they will spread the message with someone else.”

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