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Dr Umar Johnson speaks about GMOs, Government, Naturopathy, Natural Hair

Consciousness Magazine Radio Show with Aaron Robinson and Tocarra Eldridge
Dr Umar Johnson speaks about GMO’s, Government, Naturopathy, Natural Hair, Faith and Conscious Leadership

Estella Pyfrom Empowers Underserved Youth

Estella Pyfrom Empowers Underserved Youth in Poverty-stricken Communities
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

I (Consciousness Magazine) recently spoke with Estella Pyfrom. This phenomenal woman had a vision after retirement and invested her entire life savings to start Estella's Brilliant Bus. At the age of 78 her organization is a nationwide success. This shows that if you have a vision, set goals, discipline yourself and work persistently you can make your vision a reality.

Here is what Estella Pyfrom had to share with the readers regarding Estella’s Brilliant Bus.

Aaron Robinson: At the age of 78, where do you find the inspiration and energy to continue to move forward with Estella’s Brilliant Bus?
Estella Pyfrom: At the age of 78 I’m so charged up and motivated to be able to do the type of things that I do that I don’t even have to look for it; it’s there. It’s a saying that says if you enjoy what you're doing, you haven’t worked a day in your life. So, I’m hav…

Booker T: Rise to Wrestling Royalty

Booker T: Rise to Wrestling Royalty
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

6-Time WWE World Champion Booker T Huffman continues to progress in his life and career, not only as a color commentator, but also as a father, husband, businessman and author.

Recently the WWE Hall of Famer released the latest book of his life story Booker T : My Rise to Wrestling Royalty, which stems from his past book Booker T: From Prison to Promise, which highlights his life and career from a child to his success as a global superstar and icon. Consciousness Magazine was able to catch up to Booker T who also made up one half of the tag-team wrestling duo Harlem Heat. Here is what he had to share with the readers regarding his new book and latest endeavors.

Aaron Robinson: Hey Booker, how are you doing?
Booker T: I’ve been doing alright.

Aaron: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me.
Booker T: Hey man, no problem!

Aaron: Your new book “Booker T: My Rise to Wrestl…

Nico and Vinz Interview

Nico and Vinz: International Music Sensations
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

When Nico Sereba and Vincent ´Vinz´ Dery created a new sound by successfully fusing various genres such as pop, reggae, hip hop, dance, rock and soul, they would become an international music sensation. The duo, who honors their heritage of being both Norwegian and African collectively, utilized their visions and goals that eventually led them to travel around the world and share their artistry with millions of fans and listeners. With their skillful singing and songwriting ability they have created some of the most heart-felt inspiring music that is filled with life, love and identity, and nonetheless sharing stories in their music that have a positive message.

To date, the duo continues to promote their album Black Star Elephant, prior releasing hit songs from the album that sky-rocketed the charts such as “Am I Wrong” and “In Your Arms.” I was privileged to have interviewed Nico and Vinz w…

The unveiling of Structure for Passions

The unveiling of “Structure for Passions”
An interview with Visual artist Julienne Johnson
Interviewed by Aaron Robinson – Editor

Los Angeles based artist, Julienne Johnson brings forth an experience in her artwork that captures the attention of her viewers and collectors on a nationwide level. Johnson’s work has been exhibited at many universities and museums across the country. Some of her upcoming exhibits will include Kyusha Island in Japan, Kyoto, Bombay and Thailand, just to name a few. Recently Johnson has had an exhibition at the Metcalf Gallery at Taylor University for the unveiling of her painting “Structure for Passions” by art critic and curator, Peter Frank.

I had the opportunity to interview Julienne Johnson, who is such an amazing painter who is very passionate about her work. Here is what the gifted artist had to share about her recent event that took place at Metcalf Gallery at Taylor University, as well as her inspiration as an artist.

Aaron Robinson: What made the Metca…

Dezert Eez

Dezert Eez releases new album Magnificent Swords and Fly Jewelz An interview with 5-Star  Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

Dezert Eez is truly a respected group that is keeping the essence of Hip Hop alive and well. They have rocked the stage with artist and groups such as KRS-1, Killah Priest and Slum Village, just to name a few.
I was able to catch up to 5-Star, one-third member of the hip hop group Dezert Eez to speak with him about their new album Magnificent Swords and Fly Jewelz that features Dead Prez, Inspectah Deck and Bronze Nazareth. Here is what the talented artist had to share about their new album, along with how the group maintains their longevity and integrity as a hip hop group and much more. Aaron Robinson: Tell us a little about Dezert Eez new album Magnificent Swords and Fly Jewelz. 5-Star: When we got the idea of the album we were on tour with some Wu cats. When we put this album together we went back to our original style of raw samples. For the …

Monifah Interview

Monifah on Life, New Album & Upcoming Projects
Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge Before there was Beyonce or Nicki Minaj, female R&B singer/songwriter, Monifah, burst into the scene in the mid-90s. A vixen in her own right, Monifah put sexy females on the map with her hit single. I remember it like yesterday, I was a young, vibrant 16 year old, and it was my birthday when her smash hit single Touch It was released.I was definitely a huge fan… grooving to her hot joint in my car on a regular. To this day, my spirit quickens when I hear that oldie but goodie. Monifah broke into the music scene under the wings of the late Heavy D. She released hit songs such as “I Miss You (Come Back Home)”, “You” and “You Don’t Have To Love Me" off her debut album Moods...Moments. Later, the talented singer would come to release albums such as Mo’Hogany and Home. Taking time away from the music industry, Monifah has hit the reset button and is prepping the release of new music. In 201…