Spreading Health Awareness and Wealth

Marlowe Whitlow “Spreading Health Awareness and Wealth”
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

When it comes to living a better and more enhanced quality life, there are some individuals who put in the hard work and rise to a certain pinnacle to witness the positive results in their life; while there are others who will procrastinate and make excuses, never putting forth the actions to fulfill their goals. Having the willpower, working diligently and persistent, and furthermore having the ambition to reach his goals are only a few of the attributes that Marlowe Whitlow accomplished to live a healthier lifestyle.
I was able to catch up with the motivated Whitlow - a believer, an achiever, a man of charisma and wit, who was determined to turn his life around. Here is what he shared with the Consciousness Magazine readers.
Aaron Robinson: Once being overweight, what was your greatest challenge that you overcame to lose weight?
Marlowe Whitlow: Well it was first accepting there was a problem. You see I did not have a self-esteem issue so the fact that I knew I was handsome allowed me to look pass the problem. (Yes I said it) And that was not a problem; that was just my way of dealing with it. So, since people always told me I was a nice looking big man who dressed nice and smelled fresh all the time I went with that.

Aaron: Over what period of time did you lose X amount of pounds?
Marlowe: I will say that this process has taken just over 2 and a half years now. In 2012 I joined the YMCA which was a great thing, and it was what I needed to do. But for that year I worked hard all for nothing. I was able to take off 50 pounds in that year, but it was the roller coaster ride of my life. At this time I was working out with my wife and she had lost 50 pounds also. Nonetheless, you could see her weight loss because she really did not have much to lose. However, as a well over 400 pound man you could not even tell I had lost anything. Thus, in 2013 I made the meatless move for the first 30 days of the year which worked for a loss of about 25 pounds after sticking with it for about 3 months. Then I was stuck again. Subsequently, in the month of July a friend of mines, Roxanne Maiden, came from behind and was kicking my butt with a program called The Diet Doctor, and she was doing so well with it I had to ask her what she was doing. Shortly after that I looked into the program and she started working with me. This was the moment I found out what nutrition was. I had to watch everything I put in my mouth - logging things like fats, carbs and protein. I will take nothing away from this program because it works. So from the end of July until the end of October I did it [The Diet Doctor] and lost 60 pounds. This put me at right around about an 80 pound weight loss with only two months left in the year. I pushed to lose 20 more pounds to make it a 100 pound weight loss for 2013. During the month of November I stayed jumping up and down from 298 to 307 pounds. I was not happy with this at all with only one month to make it to my goal.

Aaron: You were doing very well working out, staying positive and motivated while losing weight. What made you decide to do Body By Vi?
Marlowe: Well as I said I was stuck for a month, so when the 90 day challenge was introduced to me I was willing to try it. When my success partner Sadeek Colquitt came to me and gave me some samples.  I tried it; I was hooked. Then the opportunity to lose weight and get paid to do it was great. I had been losing the weight for free so why not do it with the opportunity to win some cash for losing it. Out of all the ways that I have lost weight, the challenge is by far the easiest. There is no counting, weighing or measuring. The possibilities of flavors are unlimited; since the program is nutrition based it all together just makes you feel better.

Aaron: What has been one of the most rewarding attributes of being a part of Body By Vi?
Marlowe: I would have to say that it works. After being stuck for a whole month and dropping 21 pounds in 12 days it was a no brainer. I was quick to join on as a promoter where I was capable of getting it [Body By Vi] free and also able to make some money and help others. However, the MOST REWARDING THING IS the fact that for every 10 pounds that we lose 30 meals are donated to children. Also, I will have to say it is very rewarding when you go to your Facebook timeline and see a post or get a text message from an individual revealing that they have lost weight.

Aaron: For those who have a struggle losing weight, what is the first thing that they need to overcome in hopes of living a healthier and better lifestyle?
Marlowe: First, they need to accept the fact that the weight is there. Too many people tell themselves that they are just thick or big boned. Too funny, I used that one myself. If you have a condition that causes you to take meds then you should know that you need to make a change, especially if the problem is caused by your weight. If you go to the doctor and your doctor is telling you everything looks good but he/she is not reducing or removing you from the meds then you still have a problem. Though, that is just my opinion.

Aaron: You post inspirational quotes daily on your social networks in hopes that people become and/or remain positive. What is your inspiration to doing so?
Marlowe: I do this in hopes that I can inspire others to have a positive mindset or to help someone that is about to have a bad day. It takes about 7 to 10 positive things to outweigh 1 negative thing. I post to Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/marlowe.whitlow, all the time, but that is only to my page. I use my page to try and offset some of these things. Now, was it like this all ways for me? NO!!! But I learned when you know better you do better. Since I have joined the Visalus community life has changed. This is a community of people who do nothing but lift each other up and build health, strong bodies and minds. I am so glad to be a part of the Bring the Heat team, and look forward to helping others in my community to have better health and build some wealth in my area.  Great things are going to happen for some people in this area (Kankakee, Illinois) and all they have to do is believe in themselves.

Aaron: Many people think that you are arrogant, but there is a difference in being arrogant and having self-confidence. What is your take on this?
Marlowe: Me arrogant? No!!! I am confident, and that was before the weight lost. Now if you ask me if I think I am a better person than I once was - I would have to say yes. This comes from having a better mindset and thinking. You can’t grow if you do not place positive thinking in your life.
Aaron: What is the Project 10 Challenge? Tell us a little about that.
Marlowe: The Project 10 Challenge is the #1 health and fitness platform in North America and soon to be the world. Also the #1 home based business. The challenge helps people by setting a goal to lose 10 pounds at a time. If you take off 10 pounds at a time you are more likely to be able to reach your goals. Thinking about the fact that you want or need to lose 100 or maybe 200 pounds like me just sounds scary, and to some impossible.
Aaron: If someone wanted to learn more about The Project 10 Challenge how would they do it?
Marlowe: Well they can visit my website and watch the overview videos at http://mrflashinglights.bodybyvi.com/thankyou.html or call me at 815-212-3630 and we can set up a meeting and or a challenge party. I am looking to build a team of people who are willing to promote the challenge with me and spread health awareness as well as wealth in this world.
Aaron: Would you like to add anything before we close the interview?
Marlowe: I would like to thank GOD for giving me the power to be able to reach so many people and truly impact the thinking of so many. It is a blessing to hear so many people on a daily tell me that my loss of over 230 pounds has changed the way they think about life. The fact that they have not made the choice to make a change yet does not hurt me because I know that one day it will stick and they will make that move. I would like to see others on the challenge with me or if nothing more just making some type of change to better their life.

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