Music…The Heart And Soul of Terrell Carter

Music…The Heart And Soul of Terrell Carter

Interviewed and written By Hector De La Rosa @11journ_list

“Music is my life’s passion. It is my first love,” reference the effervescent personality, extraordinary actor, and startling vocalist Terrell Carter.  “I look at entertainment like it is second nature to me.” For some, it takes time to discover their passion, pursue it, and hone their craft.  For Carter, he is a natural, a pro- a star is born.  

Though many artists conform to the standards of the music industry, Mr. Carter is one of few who refuse to compromise his ethics, value, and worth as an artist foremost Child of GOD wishing there were more artists that foster his mentality.  “I do not follow trends.”  He rebuffs the notion of “sounding like [the next] Trey Songz or J. Holiday.”  Preferably, “capture the essence of ‘soul’ that you would get out of the greats like Stevie Wonder and the distinctiveness of Michael Jackson at the height of his career.”  The powerhouse vocalist inspired by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, and Shirley Murdock asserts, “I do not mind being compared to Chris Brown or Trey Songz.  [However], I follow what I know is [implanted] in my heart and soul.”  Mr. Carter strongly feels his sincerity and modesty is what makes the public appreciative of his artistry.

What enhance Terrell Carter’s uniqueness are his ingeniousness, integrity, and guileless views on music and popular culture without the sugarcoating.  “I am one of the few artists that is valorous to niche a inimitable sound.” He does not recall “Michael Jackson simulating Stevie Wonder in style or sound or Mr. Wonder mimetic of Jeffrey Osborne.”  Therefore, originality lacks where artists hound trends.  “I think the method in which we do music now does not have the same significance or impact as before,” mentioned Carter in deep thought.  “I do not get that same feeling with today’s music as I did when listening to a Shirley Murdock’s ‘As We Lay’ record.”   

“The production of a song would speak for itself before a singer like Prince started to adlib or croon because of the organic structure.  There was more soul and live instrumentation involved that came from creating that specific record,” avows Mr. Carter with careful precision.  It used to be a group of people involved in the process of recording a song, album, or demo.  Today’s technology allows an amateur to set up a recording studio in the basement of his or her home to record.  “A person using an MPC or beat machine does not produce that desired quality in sound cutting out the creative process” that goes along with working with knowledgeably musicians. 

Terrell Carter explains that his music industry peers have little to no awareness of their music heritage pioneered by the greats of jazz, blues, and gospel legends.  He also adds, “Music is controlled by people who do not craft music.”  The music of yesterday is considered timeless recalling there were so many classic records.  Sadly, there are hardly any classic records made in this time of era.  “I could not bear in mind what was a summer hit three years ago,” states the once background singer for Fred Hammond with quiet laughter.

Mr. Carter’s mission in music is to be the difference.  He is in the process of finishing up his next studio album with a clever title Love Is A Serious Business.  He goes against the radio friendly formulaic structure by producing material that reflects who he truly is as a person dismissing messages of promiscuity, violence, and drugs.  “This record talks about loving yourself, loving others, and the ups and downs of relationships.”  He assures “music will always have an effect on the people.”  It is guaranteed that this album and his presence in this decaying music industry will make an everlasting impression.  Positively Entertainment!     


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