Mr. Marcus

Mr. Marcus: The Interview
Interviewed by Hector De La Rosa

Throughout history, African Americans are stereotyped with penalizing depictions that constructed a framework of mental marginalization: irresponsibility, violent tendencies, and criminals, unintelligent, profane, to sexually promiscuous and oversexed. However, I beg to differ with few celebrity encounters including The Man and famous porn star Mr. Marcus who carries himself as responsible, charismatic, respectful, humble, and an intelligent gentleman. Without condoning Mr. Marcus’ lifestyle or hustle, it is a pleasure of meeting someone who did become a statistic to crime and incarceration but a successful entrepreneur, author, foremost a survivor. This article sheds a distinct light of him that holds substance than a typical Q&A explicit content.  Mr. Marcus On…

What peeked his interest in the porn business
I always think about women. It is pretty genuine.

Stereotypes of porn actors/actresses
Some stereotypes are true. They all want to [have sex]. [It is said] porn stars are not too smart or not too bright. They experience some type of abuse during their childhood. When getting into the porn industry, there is a mental and physical aspect to it. Sometimes that mental aspect can take a toll on a porn actors/actresses. There are things that an actor/actress bring into an industry that were [already] in existence. It all depends on the person and what they have been through. They can transcend their experience and get caught up in it.

The importance of family
Family keeps me grounded. They keep you in check when you get out-of-hand. Family cares about you to the point they will pull you from the edge. They remind you of what really matters.

Family acceptance of his profession
My family has accepted me because I provide for them. I care for my family’s needs. I utilize the resources and establish [business] relationships my family does not have when in this industry. For that, I get that much needed support from family.

The youth assuming the porn industry is the best occupation to get involve and a way to escape poverty
It’s like watching a movie and not knowing there is a clue or [actual plot] behind it. They do not know there is a producer, director, make-up artist, location manager, and lighting crew behind the [making of films]. They just see two people having sex and begin to believe they want to have sex too. Subsequently, they apply the concept of the porn industry as a business that has been around way before they were born to real life. Kids have to realize that there are a lot of people involved on set and that is more to life than just having sex. There are risks to take. They need to do their homework. I tell people that want to be in this industry to learn and study the craft.

Hip-Hop being a product of corporate colonialism (since he is referenced in hip-hop lyrics and made cameo appearances in music videos a la Tupac Shakur’s “How Do You Want It)?
There are certain aspects where hip-hop has been commercialized. [However], there is a large underground [following]. There was a woman on stage at an event that introduced an artist to the public named Tony G. and performed the song “I Got Problems.” It was a song I never heard of, but the lyrics, delivery, and content matter made an impact to the crowd. This [notion] goes to show that hip-hop is alive and well. It does not have to be played on radio to be considered hip-hop. There are artist from the underground that can be as good and successful as those [mainstream]. The graffiti and break dancing artforms of hip-hop are still an existence. I cannot buy into the fact it is homogenized. [Hip-hop] is something that cannot be killed.

What is the one thing that he has yet accomplished he would like to do so in the long run?
I want to be a more well rounded individual. I want to be a better public speaker. I would like to be more business minded savvy for the industry I am currently indulged. I would like to broaden the horizons. Perhaps, I want to land a major movie role and movie deal. I would like to blow the public’s mind and do the unthinkable and the unexpected. The unexpected will allow me to excel and exceed many expectations.


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