A chat with Hosny

A chat with singer, composer and musician, Hosny
By Consciousness Magazine

Singer, composer and author, Hosny, was recently interviewed by Consciousness Magazine. The prolific artist has performed with many great artist and has had his music aired on multiple radio stations around the world. Today, he is preparing  to release his 5th album. Here is what the talented musician had to share with the Consciousness Magazine readers regarding the power of Reggae Music and the insight on his new projects.

CM: What captivated you to want to be a musician/singer?
Hosny: I discovered Bob Marley’s music when I was 4 years old. I was attracted by Bob’s vibe, you know, by the power of his music and his lyrics. I’ve felt the strength of JAH RASTAFARI, this reality, the music, the message. JAH lives inside of me, so my music is powerful. I feel the roots of the music. This music has no limit. A Rastaman always gets involved in his life, because Rasta is not a joke, that’s reality.

CM: What was your inspiration behind your new song “Every People”?
Hosny: I made “Every People” naturally; I composed the music, and then I wrote the lyrics. I worked on this track for months. In this world, many things are disappointing; life is hard for many people. I want to sing to send a positive message to everyone, to tell them not to give up and to give strength and power for JAH People. “Every People” is for all countries and I have lots of new tracks coming soon! I’m very happy because of the reception I have been getting in different countries.

CM: You’re preparing your 5th album. Can you tell us a little about this new project?
Hosny: Yeah with pleasure! For now I’m preparing this new album. I wrote and composed the lyrics and music. I make musical arrangements and realization. I play all instruments except drums, but after, I’ll invite musicians to play on this album. I’ve released 4 albums; I’ve recorded 3 albums with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s musicians. Now I want to launch my 5th album in the USA. It’s a powerful Roots Reggae Music album for the world. The album is coming out very soon!

CM: As an artist, what do you believe is your ultimate mission?
Artwork by Manito
Hosny:  My first mission is JAH and the continuity of the work already done by the great men and women of this world. We all live in the same world. Sometimes people feel goodness; I know there are still good people everywhere. There are always humans who make humans suffer, you know. Too many people feel and endure the scorn and it makes me sad because there are whole nations who don’t believe anymore in themselves. The story of this world is a perpetual restarting; some people haven’t learned anything from this story. There were so many wars. From generation to generation, from children to old men, we’re always living the same thing, with these dominating nations which make to doubt and exclude us from our own future.  The most important mission for a Rastaman is to unite people. Rasta doesn’t impose anything, he doesn’t force people. When I sing JAH in my songs, I talk to my brothers and sisters. We become Rasta naturally.

CM: You’ve worked with the Wailers and Bob Marley musicians. What has your experience been like working with these talented artists?
Hosny: Yeah man, it was a great experience! They are not only talented musicians, but they’re also the best musicians in Reggae Music, everybody knows that! I Respect them. Musically, they taught me many things. I also noted similarities which comforted me in my way. I’ve felt good vibes with Aston Barrett, Vin Gordon, Glen Da Costa...in Kingston, Jamaica, and in Paris too.

CM: For those readers and music listeners who may overlook the Reggae Music genre, what would you say to them in regards to what they have been missing?
Hosny:  I want to tell them that the real Reggae Music comes from the Kingdom of JAH, that’s why it’s a pure, sensitive and true music. You feel it deep inside of yourself. The real Reggae Music is hard to play. In Reggae Music there are lots of musical styles. It can be a mix of all music. This music implores also the God’s pardon for humanity. It’s an indefinite music. This music doesn’t complain, but fights for unity and for the real peace. Today, you have to fight against Babylon, against malicious people. JAH is here to block them, to stop them. Love is the best way, the positive way. I grew up like many young people in the USA and I tell them not to give up on their dreams even if sometimes they live very difficult moments. Don’t give up!

CM: Would you like to add anything in closing?
Hosny: Big Up to all of the Consciousness Magazine team and readers! I hope you’ll like and enjoy my music. My music is real and honest for everybody.  My 5th album is coming out soon, the gigs too! You can check out all information and listen to my new tracks on my website: www.hosnygoodmorningbabylones.com and social networks.



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