1990s Coloring Book

1990s Coloring Book

For those who enjoyed the 90’s and loved the many remarkable memories of it and for those who didn’t have the opportunity to do so, The 1990’s Coloring Book is an epic piece of artwork to add to your collection, or yet become indulged in the activity with your neon crayons or scented markers to add your own flair to this blast from the past coloring book. Relive all of the greatest moments of this wonderful decade from the beginning to the end page in this nostalgia-inducting trade paper published by Ulysses Press and authored and illustrated by James Grange. “Even now, in retrospect, when much of the fashion perhaps seems cringe-worth and the pop culture ripe for parody, everyone must certainly agree that the 90’s were a memorable decade in which a lot of fun stuff happened,” says Grange.
The 1990’s Coloring Book drawing and trivia activity book is filled with fun off-the-hook dope TV shows, slamming movies, hit tunes, hot fashion, hilarious moments in politics, parody in pop culture and much more of this unforgettable era. Some of its art features includes Saved by the Bell, Cory and Topanga of Boy Meets World, NSYNC vs. BSB, Brittany vs. Christina, sports and some of hip-hop’s greatest moments.
The 1990’s Coloring Book is definitely a must have coloring book and will eventually become a historical piece of artwork.

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